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Dr sending me for a brain scan suspects thyroid to be cause of memory problems if scan is clear

Hi following on from my post last week Saw my own dr today who said my folate and thyroid could be causing memory problems pins and needles headaches and making me clumsy

I've had these symptoms for a few years and getting steadily worse

Dr wants me to have urgent Mri of my brain and has referred to a endocrinologist also

My thyroid is consistently sitting at tsh 0.17 and t3 t4 are in range

My b12 is 334

Folate 4.5

I'm having temperature reg issues terrible night sweats and shivers feeling cold and actually being cold temp issues temp of 35.4 after hysto couldn't raise it

Always have low blood pressure since these symptoms started also

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The brain has a huge amount of receptors for T3 and therefore a BIG demand for the hormone. Every cell in your body needs T3 - so if your levels are low in the range - there simply is not enough to go around. Like trying to spread a loaf of bread with a teaspoon of butter :-)

I do not know how old you are - but after 50/60 our stomach acid reduces - which can result in LOW B12. I have read that to prevent cognitive decline your B12 needs to be over 500 and nearer the top of the range. ( Sally Pacholok - Could it Be B12 ? - book )

What Medications are you on - and how much thyroid hormone do you take ?

Sorry have not read your previous post .... will do :-)

Edit: I have read on the PAS forum that supplementing with Folic Acid should not take place until you have resolved the low B12 ...


Hi thank for your reply :) I'm not diagnosed with a thyroid disorder but I have suspected one for sometime and have been told anxiety is to blame for my symptoms up until now- I'm 36 due to pcos and night sweats irregular bleeding pain etc I had a total hysto with bilateral oopherectomy (ovaries gone) in Dec and this hasn't resolved any of my issues urge incontinence with bladder is another symptom that has been there since my before my daughter was born and was supposed to stop after hysto when a large cyst that was supposedly pressing against my bladder was removed

Because I was losing large amounts of hair when I had my daughter I am taking a multi vit

took folic acid for 3 yrs in total up to 18 months ago when daughter was born so I am confused about these levels being so low

I have a constant dull headache that I can't shake a bad neck and lower back siatica pins and needles numbness on waking the list goes on

On hrt just had it upped as night sweats are not effected either by surgery or hrt


Forgot to say on fluoxetine for my "anxiety" I had a year off it when pregnant makes no difference at all but got 3 kids and dr saying I'm anxious so I started taking it again so I'm not going against their professional opinion and not helping myself! My nan and her sister had footers removed before I was born our family has quite a thyroid history but up until this last week or so for a few years now I've been getting worse and been robbed off now can't think straight and feel like I have dementia x




I believe I have read that Fluoxetine can compromise the thyroid as it contains fluoride. In days of old fluoride was given to treat an overactive thyroid :-(


I have symptoms of hyper I'm very skinny always on the loo! 🙈

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Oh dear - sorry not to be able to help. Adrenals ?


Has your doctor tested you for Pernicious Anaemia as your symptoms sound familiar with that condition.

Also many hypothyroid patients have problems with memory.We often hear of 'brain fog' and this is from the Pernicious Anaemia Society (P.A. also have a forum on HU).


Also, do you have the latest results of your most recent test for hypothyroidism? If not, I'd suggest a new test, the earliest possible, fasting (you can drink water) and leave 24 hours gap between last dose of levo and the test and take afterwards.

Your GP should test your Free T4 and Free T3. T3 is most important as it is the only Active thyroid hormone needed in the receptor cells. The brain contains the most.

I think before you have a brain scan, it's important to exclude these two possible suspects.


I've already been referred to endoc the week before after a year of trying to get one and I had a trip to ambulatory care last year with tachycardia and raised positive d-diner but they couldn't find a cause for it and sent me home saying thyroid needed re checking in 2 weeks as low tsh I had a private test at that time and it's uploaded in comments in another post basically my t3 t4 is in range tsh 0.17 and not positive for antibodies so seems unlikely to be thyroid with those levels have been told - pa forum have said my b12 is ok and to take the folate supplement so I'm a bit lost :) is there a forum for "what the hell is this " lol thanks for replying


I have noticed that the PAS forum often say a B12 level similar to yours is OK. In my non medical opinion I do think that those of us with a thyroid issue need higher levels. As B12 is involved in many actions in the body then we need enough to go around ....... 😊


If we had another called "what the hell is this " :) that would probably exceed the 50,000+ on this forum :) due to the fact there must millions who remain undiagnosed due to blood tests alone and no symptoms taken into consideration whatsoever.

If you cursor down this page, past the email you will see what Dr Skinner wrote, before his untimely death trying to make the organisations see some sense. He and other doctors were taught these simple diagnostic tools before the 'modern' method was introduced. People were given a 'trial' and if the improved they continued on it permanently.


The fact that Dr S was brought before the GMC quite often shows that something is not right as he was always found to be treating his patients properly, even prescribing NDT or T3. It certainly wasn't his patients who complained as 2,500 testimonials were sent to GMC and quite a few of his patients turned up at the hearings. Unfortunately Dr S died of a stroke and most patients believe it was due to his appearances - I doubt it was his grateful patients who reported him.


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