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Week 10 😁 amazballs!

didn't expect much if any loss this week after such a good loss last week (3lb). However, iev somehow managed to lose another 2.6lb 😁 omg I can't tell u how amazing I feel after years of dieting and putting weight on. Its so right getting meds n vitimin optimal works wonders. I do have a long road to travel in my weight loss journey but am soooo ready for it... Total loss 19.6lb 😁 xxx jx

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Congratulations! Sounds fantastic how did you do this? What medications and supplements made the difference?

I'd love to lose weight but I can never do it no matter what I do. Please tell us more.

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just cal counting via my fitness pal app so I record everything that passes my lips. My vitimin is vit D, k2, magnesium, selenium, b complex and b12. My bit D was 26 now 126. B12 was 229 ish not had a repeat test of that yet but take 5,000 but will drop to 1,000 soon. My tsh 0.49 now t4 15 which cud do with an increase. Need to do bh test but waiting till end of April. Its very hard and I no how lucky I am to have just reached that right level for me but also aware that can change just as Quik. Wishing you luck 🍀 and keep trying j x


Congratulations, Speckles70.

You're doing amazingly well.

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thank you. I really do feel positive now iev spent years b4 I new I was hypo, suicidal because no matter what I done I couldn't lose weight. I hated myself, but definitely feeling good now 😁 xxxx hope these posts bring hope to others battling with their weight jx


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