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From being diagnosed with thyroid cancer I have no thyroid now and take 200mg of thyroxine, I have had a fourth child after a few years of taking thyroxine and cannot loose my baby weight gained my child is now nearly 21 months and I still have weight to loose to get back to pre baby weight, with my other children I went back to my pre baby weight quite quickly, my consultant says my levels are within normal range for me, but watching my calorie intake and sit ups and walking an hour a day isn't helping me loose any weight because I have stayed the same weight for months ;-( can anyone shed any light as I can't take any weight loss tablets I tried the duken diet which made me poorly, so I'm at a loss??? Helppppp ;/(

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Hi Claire4, I also had thyroid cancer and was unable to loose weight after my 4th child and I ended up in a mess in lots of ways..... could you please post any blood test results with reference ranges and also how are you feeling in general?? Have you ever taken your temperature in the morning?

Claire4 in reply to sorrel89

Hi sorrel89, I feel fine in myself, now and again a little tired, i haven't got the results on me but my gp said they where high and my consultant said they were my right range ?? Not sure what happened there lol, I have never taken my temp in the morning either?

Hi Claire4, you can request a print out of your blood tests...consultants are quite happy to say that they are 'normal' or in range.....great to hear that you feel fine. Try using an old fashioned thermometer and take your basal temp before you get up in the morning for 5 days and see what they come out as. What medication are you on and what blood tests are usually requested?

I'm on 200mg of leverthyroxine, and they usual blood tests t4,t3,tsh and the one to check the cancer levels in my body, I have got a print out somewhere of my last one but I can't put my hands on it at the mo, what does taking my temperature mean?

Hi again, sometimes your medication is not utilized fully and your 200mg of levo which is a pro hormone needs to be converted to active T3 before it can be received by your cells. By taking your temperature in the morning before to get up, midday and evening you should have an average of 37 so I believe. If your temperature is below this it could mean that you are not utilizing your hormone to the full potential and something may need to be tweeked. This might be contributing to why you are not loosing weight. You should go back to your GP/Endo and ask for comprehensive blood testing and reiterate the issues about your weight....Good luck but post your blood results when you find them.

I had thyroid cancer and have no thyroid. I'm on 150mcg thyroxine. I find that following blood tests, my GP wants to lower my dosage whereas my consultant wants to leave it alone. I always follow my consultants advice. That is interesting about taking your temperature, I think I will give it a go. I'm feeling fine most days but like you I'm unable to loose weight. Hmmm I'm off to find a thermometer, sure I have one somewhere lol x

Nanaedake in reply to capricorn

I wish our consultants would give us a card with our optimum levels on so that we can show our GPs. I heard that one hospital does this and I think it's a good idea. I've been told all sorts of things by GPs that are in conflict with my consultant. I have had surgery for thyroid cancer too!

Thanks I'm def gonna give the temperature thing a go, what is the other tablet you can take instead of Levi ?? Anybody know? Or on it?

Stourie in reply to Claire4

Hi it is t3 liothyronine T4 floats around your body and is supposed to convert to t3 which is the active hormone. It works your metabolism and everything else, heart liver kidneys and of course your brain. Being underactive could be that your body isn't converting t4 into t3. Most doctors don't like to prescribe it but it is in the bnf so I don't really know why.

Jo xx

Hi Claire I had surgery for follicular thyroid cancer in October 2007 bloods all ok and also struggled with weight loss. But in January this year joined slimming world have lost 10 & 1/2 llb in 5 weeks. Had tried all sorts of diets before. It's just healthy eating give it a try and I hope it works for you. :)

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