Been to see my GP about my Blue Horizon blood test results - horrendous response from him :o[

Been to see my GP today and what a horrible experience. He was annoyed that I'd gone for a private blood test and scoffed at the Doctors recommendations. He said it was a money making scheme, I said that I failed to see how because the Doctor has nothing to gain by providing false readings and recommending that I see my own GP but he wasn't having any of it. He dismissed the results and said he worked from different readings and they weren't of any concern. He has sent me for some more blood tests but to be honest what's the point if he's just going to dismiss the results.

I sat there and cried I was that frustrated and don't know if I have anymore fight in me

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  • I don't blame you for being upset. Your doctor is a ill-mannered sadistic bully, is there any way that you can change GP? His attitude is appalling.

    You had a locum increase your levo at some point and yet your bully of a doctor "went ballistic" (I'm getting this from your previous posts) and reduced your look what's happened, the bloods indicate that you need an increase in levo.

    What did he say about your woeful vitamin D result. Did he give you any advice on that? Did he give you a blood form with the tests required on it?

  • Unfortunately all the GP's at my surgery are full of self righteousness apart from one new GP but getting an appointment with her is virtually impossible. I've been trying to source a better GP surgery in my area for a while but they're few and far between and as you can imagine the better one's are full to bursting with patients

    He dismissed all the results and said that he wasn't concerned with any of them. His response to my vitamin D deficiency was lots of people suffer from this because of the lack of sun, we can't magic sunshine up! At this point I was too upset to even respond

    He said that my thyroid results were normal and I was to carry on with the same strength as there is no indication that it needs increasing

    As far as I can tell He is sending me for the same bloods as what I had with Blue Horizon

  • Due to the fact he is actually allowed to tell you to buy your own vitamin D should indicate to you very clearly you need to change your GP practice asap.

    You may not find the best practice but it is better than being stuck at a practice where the GP can't even tell you to follow the Chief Medical Officers of the various UK countries guidelines and buy your own vitamin D.

    Oh and he's sent you for the same blood tests because he's too pig ignorant to realise that Blue Horizon and Medichecks both use labs that the NHS often use. Most labs wouldn't be viable with just private work. In other words he's wasting NHS money due to his ignorance.

  • If he asked for the same blood tests you should be able confirm the Blue Horizon tests although the ranges may be a little different.

  • i got blue horizon blood results and they were basically the same when I had my blood tested at my gp surgery a few months later. nothing wrong with blue horizon results - just a bit difficult to get the blood out for the test

  • I have had GPs tell me that I dont need Vit d because I just need to go outside more and my Vit D level was 20 at the time when I think it should be 70 (Brain fog). I just supplement everything myself now and get bloods done privately when I can afford them. Its not ideal but what else can we do when we are backed into a corner.

  • that's what I think i'll end up doing. not sure what I need to take for vit D and vit B12 deficiency though

  • Hi spidernose. I used to get vita prescribed by gp but as I pay for prescriptions it was costing more than buying them myself so now get vit d3 + k2 drops and also methylcolbamin B12 lozenges from amazon (but you can get them from other outlets too). My last blood test for B12 was at a good level and D was up too. I got help for this from HU and thankfully we have this site for help. good luck. Joolz.x

  • Your GP sounds a right bully could you not change to another Practice where hopefully you could find a more understanding doc, surely couldn't be any worse than what you have now.have you tried showing him the article from pulse magazine by dr toft yet as that worked with my doc I got increase in dose.

  • Could you post the link again please. He didn't even read the comments from the Doctor at Blue Horizon and said they were money making merchants and I was a fool for wasting my money. So I don't expect him to read the article but I will take it with me when I go back to see him next week

  • The Pulse article is not online any more. To get a copy you will need to send an email (not a PM) to who works for Thyroid UK. She will send the article back to you via email.

  • Hi spidernose I see humanbean has given you email for article, make sure you point out that Dr toft is past president of thyroid association, the pulse magazine is written for doctors so he should have heard of it thou my gp had not heard of Dr toft,cant see how he can poo poo this , he can't say this is money making scam can he and I also highlighted the bit I wanted gp to read, paragraph 6 heading What is the correct dose of thyroxine etc, would love to be fly on wall to see what he says to doc was flummoxed.also if the NHS bloodtest comes back the same as private one that proves that the private ones are correct .good luck stand firm but don't get angry get even.

  • pompous old git who is beyond questioning. Not only has he got the hard evidence in front of him I've also told him what symptoms I've got, what more does he want? blood!

    why do GP's think they are a law unto themselves? I know my own body and its about time they listened to us

    I shall tell him if he doesn't treat me that I will have to give up my job and go on the sick and that will cost the country thousands. I am doing my best to stay in a demanding job and the way I feel I wont be able to carry on

    Can I ask for a copy of my blood test?

  • Yes get printout or just ask him if you can write them down, don't forget to get ranges as well. If he starts getting funny about giving you them then remind him about the 1998 data protection act states it's your right to have a copy of any test done.

  • Change your GP , post your blood tests here and seek advice from the forum members as there are some very knowledgeable people here.

    These doctors treat a number on a page , it doesn't (except in rare cases) treat human beings.

    My Endo told me to stop taking my medication even though it was obvious it would harm me so you're not alone. All he was interested in was a that a number appeared in a range.

    I'm afraid that there is really no option but to carry on fighting , I had a doctor who wanted to send me to the mental health unit , naturally I changed my GP and found a doctor that immediately decided to check my thyroid , I am now on the way to healing. It is possible.

    You'll get far more sense here than from any other source I can think of.

  • Well, definately change doctors. You obviously cannot work with that one. it would appear that the way you feel is of no concern to him,. Just like the tests which he couldnt interpret.


  • post your blue horizon results

    very few gps know anything about thyroid

  • this is getting more and more apparent- they do not like patients goingelsewhere but it is ok for them to kill us slowly- they are all running scared of their fat jobs and the caring profession is no longer caring- it is a corporate business alongside the old boys club in parliament- another factor is

    that medical school training seems to not change, they do not move with up todate knowledge they are stuck in the time warp of their student training days and refuse to bloody well read up study up on their own limited old fashioned outdated knowledge so do not like it when up todate knowledge is staring them in the face - it is a blow to their fat ego's they cant say hey I didnt know that ,so they attack!

  • as long as they're drawing their big fat salaries that's all they seem to be bothered about. makes me so mad

  • So sorry. Sadly that is how any suggestions I make or questions I ask are met within my GP practice... It's impossible for me to move GPs as don't drive and live in a more remote place. Going by bus can be a pain when you're ill for a GP appt and unreliable. However, I requested to see an Endocrinologist, was referred and then found the treatment by him to be the same. So still stuck on Levothyroxine only. Just put downs and he was angry as I had taken responsibility for my own treatment. Thank goodness for Thyroid UK. 😊

  • I have just done a medic heck blood test & will be taking it to my GP on Friday. Their blood test said I was borderline & want to keep me as I am. The Practice mission statement says ' we will work together' fingers crossed.

  • What a horrendous experience! - Feel so sorry for you.

    Not having tried this myself, I've wondered how Doctors would view us having independant tests done.......

    I cannot believe your Dr repeated the same blood tests you had already done through Blue Horizon - a sheer waste of NHS resourses and frustratting for you.

    Patient bed side manner should be taught at Med school!!!!

  • I always get this too. I laughed when my NHS ferritin result came back even lower than the BH one. GP should have saved his practice's money.

  • I had a similar response from a GP last January when I sent him my BH results. He said there was nothing wrong with me and he dismissed these finger prick tests as accurate.

    I then saw a different GP who accepted them and he has treated me with thyroxine.

    I would change GP and even practice, you won't get anywhere with that GP. I am lucky I have a good gp, the others in the practice told me I had CFS and not a thyroid issues as I didn't have any raised antibodies.

    Good luck.


  • If you have no better response from a different GP, can you self-medicate & bypass their shameful incompetence?

  • I've had a similar experience with taking in private tests :( They are almost always dismissed. The best you can hope for is a repetition of the test.

  • I know where you are coming from. I was scared to show my GP my BH blood test even though they commented that I should be receiving treatment for hypothyroidism. I was scared because the last time I saw him with the results of NHS blood test showing 6.9 TSH and CRP of 19 he said that the results were as a result of being overweight and nothing to do with thyroid. He said he wished it was thyroid because then he could give me a pill and send me away. That just shows how much he doesn't know. I cry every time I come out of GP surgery because I never get any answers I just get told to lose weight or take anti depressants. They dont realise that it is them who are making me depressed and if they did the job they are paid highly for I would be depressed. I just started treating myself and hope I am doing it right. I have to because if I wait for them I will die but if I treat myself and dont get it right I can say I tried.

  • Trouble is there is only so many times you can change GP surgeries and in my experience all the good GPs are leaving practice because of closures or retiring because they've done their bit. I found a good surgery which after 3 months the best GP Ive had left and the surgery closed because it could not recruit any GPs. After researching other surgeries I have no choice but to be at my now surgery where all the GPs seem to think and act the same.

  • that's the position i'll be in if I change and I don't want to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. I wish there was a decent GP surgery in my area but sadly they all appear to be of low quality and have too many patients on their books. When I go to my dad's GP its like an airport, dozens of people crammed in and waiting for up to an hour to be seen. Nobody knows your name or who you are or anything about you anymore. You have to accept an apt with any GP or risk not been seen for months and then have to start again with your story.

  • Im with you there. I haven't seen the same GP or rheumatologist in years and the best GP who was old school and listened to the patient and history of symptoms has retired with no replacement. Now it takes 4 weeks to get an apt with any gp and they can't wait to get you out the door when you get there. I always end up crying and distressed. xx

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