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Hormone blood tests


I am thinking of getting a blood test for hormones but the ones I have found do not include progesterone, would this be an issue or does anyone know of a place offers this, preferably a finger-prick test. Medichecks only seem to test FSH, LS, Oestradiol and Prolactin.

My breasts have become swollen and tender again, before this only happened for the two weeks before my period but now it is almost all the time. I think I am perimenopause which would explain many of my other symptoms as my thyroid and vitamin levels appear to be optimal. Hence wanting to test hormone levels to see if there is anything that is out of balance that can be supplemented.

The hot flashes settled down in the second half of last year but have returned though thankfully not as often. My hair loss has also slowed down but the memory lapses and poor concentration are really starting to get to me.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Feel free to repost your question.

Have a look at this link about folic acid and hot flushes.


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