Thyroid madness! Am I a normal abnormal?

So glad I found this site. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism probably around 15 years ago and have been taking levothyroxine ever since. Despite this over the past few years my symptoms seem to be increasing. I'm having bloods done every 3 months by doctor but really don't see the point because when the results come back they always have in bold red writing ABNORMAL all over them. According to my gp abnormal is actually normal for me! Forgive the rant from me but I'm honestly losing the will to live with the whole carry on. They will not refer me to endo , but are willing to refer me to weight management and happily prescribe me with all manner of antidepressants. Is it so wrong to just want the original issue sorted? I've researched online about ndt and also t3 but don't know where to start with regards to buying it (any help much appreciated) . So sick and tired of being sick and tired and also of listening to myself . I've been asking for printout of my bloods so that I can post here for your opinion, fingers crossed I get them soon. Sorry for my epic rant lol x

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  • Hi & welcome Kellystired :)

    In order for folk to help you, we need some more details.

    Have you got a printout of your last blood test results? - (edit - just seen not yet - you are entitled to them)

    Over 15 years, did you feel better on a certain dose?

    how much t4 (Levo) are you taking now?

    have you had vitamin D, B12 & folate, iron/ferritin tested?

    What other medication are you on (antidepressant name)?

    It is unusual to have blood tests every 3 months.

    Jane :D

  • I've requested print out so will post asap. I'm on 200 levothyroxine per day and it's just in the past 2 to 3 years I feel like it's getting worse 😭 I'm also on fluoxetine 40mg mirtazipine 45mg amitryptaline 25mg I basically rattle when I walk lol yeah I thought every 3 mths was a bit much too. I've never had vit d tested but b12 iron and folate go up and down as do my platelets. I was given b12 tablets cyanocobalamin and folate 5mg and started to feel better but after bloods done 3mths later they said I was fine so stopped prescribing them. Not really sure what else to do. Doctor isn't being much help and I feel I'm being regarded as a hypochondriac. Even though every symptom is classic thyroid symptoms. Thanks for replying and sorry I've not got any more specifics but will post as soon as I get them x

  • You are right, your GP should be getting to the bottom of the original issue, ask him why you have to be seen every 3 months.

    I am not medically qualified or have any experience of antidepressants. (although prescribed for shakes, then for pain, then something else - but not taken). 'though I've read they interfere with thyroid function and also must be taken at least 2 hours away from Levo. Do you consider yourself depressed & why?

    B12 - you definitely need to read up on this & get it sorted, you will feel awful if it's low, and no amount (or type) of thyroid hormone will work properly, or with low iron. Rule out pernicious anaemia.

    I'd ring your surgery to ask when the print out is ready & pop along to collect it - time to take your own health back! Good luck!

    Jane :D x

  • Thanks Jane x

  • I can relate to everything you say. I was on 200 mcg of thyroxine for many years and up to 225 at one stage. I have been under for over twenty years. I moved eleven months ago and I went to the Dr to introduce myself and tell them I was feeling naff. They did all the tests and again my thyroid the problem bug they felt over medicated mmm well I'm now reduced to 150 despite being optimum range for tsh. Now more hypo than ever I have been am having bloods done three monthly and still no endo just your depressed gggrrr.

    W have been under for long enough to know we are not right when we say we are.

    The people on this site are the best for support and are extremely knowledgeable.

    With the knowledge gives you strength to stand up to the drs.

    I look forward to seeing your blood results print out.

    Hang in there keep a diary of how you feel and.

  • If you've been on B12 supplements your level when tested will likely come back high but it doesn't mean that you don't have a B12 deficiency. As the others have said post your results and symptoms on here, there are people who can advise the best course of action. It sounds like your doctor isn't offering the right course of treatment. Join the PAS group for further advice on B12

  • If it's getting worse odds are your adrenals are fatigued also, and most likely the underlying cause of the thyroid problem from day one....

  • 15 years is a very very long time to be feeling like this so you have every right to question your doctor and want the original issue sorted. Have you ever had your t3 levels tested?

  • If you have t already thank a look at the Thyroid UK site. Lots of info I think that will help you especially taking other medications and thyroid meds. I feel if you are correctly medicated you won't need so many extra's though we are often low in minerals and vitamins so may well have to continue on some of them. That fist ful of extras you are taking sounds as though your GP hadn't a clue so throwing a lot at you. Hopefully in time you will be able to wean off them. I would just put each one in a search engine and ask if they can be taken when on thyroxine, not sure they can and then let your GP know your findings.

    If you have a thyroid dose change it takes 5-6 weeks to get it fully into your system so why the three months? If changing dose he should be checking sooner. So post again when you get your printout and then we will be in a better position to suggest what to do next. I wouldn't worry about looking at other meds though. Many are very well on Levo once they are on the right dose, they just don't postcon here!

  • Have you had thyroid antibodies or reverse T3 tested? Or selenium or iodine levels? These may give clues to why levothyroxine isn't helping you.

    Also, it might be wise to check adrenal function with a 24 hour saliva adrenal cortisol test.

    And have you tried a gluten free diet??

    You might want to consider finding a more competent doctor... antidepressants are not a solution, they bandaid the real problem, which your doctor doesn't seem to know how to find....

  • According to my gp abnormal is actually normal for me!

    I would have found a new doctor immediately after hearing this! What a lot of tosh. It is just the doctor admitting he

    a) Doesn't care how you feel.

    b) Doesn't know what to do to fix your problems.

    c) Is too lazy to find out why you still feel ill.

  • Thanks for all your replies you've made me feel a lot more confident about going back to gp and getting some answers. I'll keep you updated x

  • The most important info you need to post here, is

    1) Whether you have Hashi's (thyroid autoimmunity - TPO and TG), and

    2) Your FT3 and FT4 labs.

  • Report your doctor to the BMI. I would not hesitate.

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