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Evening all, thank you to everyone who answered my last post 😊 just a quick recap, gp wanted to see me about blood test results, took my bp, said it was high, i told her i check bp myself regular and its normal, i gave her the previous readings, and i also told her i check my temp before getting out of bed and thats running at 36.3. She asked me why on earth do you do that and rolled her eyes, she told me she could not interpret my results??and i said i could, they are practically the same as 2015, she told me she was going to consult the endo who prescribed t3 and to phone in a month.

I left the surgery a bit confused.

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  • A sleeping and waking temp of 36.3C is very normal and healthy.

    I was doing some reading on this and a guy was saying this is the norm temp for most people when we sleep and wake up. It then climbs to 37C in the day and at early evening it is starting to tail off, so will be around 36.8C.

    I am aware of Broda Barnes temp info and he said waking temp for healthy people is 36.6C, but i am happy if my temp is 36.3C and above. Over the years i have only ever seen my temp at 36.6C a few times. Normal for me is 36.3/4C.

    I now see this as normal, plus i feel well. My temps at 35.8C were a different story.

  • Makes you wonder if they teach Doctors anything about Thyroid Disease The mind boggles!!!

  • I left the surgery a bit confused.

    Nevermind Miffi your GP stayed in the surgery and remained a bit confused :D :P

    Let us know the result of her consultation with your endo

  • Evening Rapunzel, yes i will let you know the outcome... she told me to ring the surgery in a month!

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