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Anyone with hypothyroidism have a lack of appetite?

I have my first appointment on Monday having discovered three weeks ago my thyroid is on the blink

FT4 is 11 (8-21)

TSH 5.12 (0.35-3.5)

Antibodies 92 (0-34)

I'm also very anaemic

ferritin 5 (23-300)

For the past few days my throat feels a little tight , ive suffered with breathlessness and my hands, feet shoulders and back ache during the night. Today I just don't feel hungry.

Be interested to hear others experiences.


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I too had no apetite but I force myself to eat regularly so that I can lose weight!

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Thank you!


The good thing is that I am steadily loosing a pound a week, which has always been hard for me before! X


Have a look at the Thyroid Uk site. They run this forum and there is loads of info on there that will help you. It may also help you with whatever the doctors tell you and in any questions you may want to ask them.

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I get strange appetite things all the time. Often I gave no appetite, sometimes eating makes me feel very sick. But if I don't eat I also get nausea and lightheaded. If I eat something sweet on an empty stomach I will be flat out very quickly.


Thank you both, that's the thing I guess it's such a tricky condition and we all react/respond differently. Xx