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New here, confusing blood results waiting to see the dr can anyone help?

New here, confusing blood results waiting to see the dr can anyone help?


I'm a 34 year old woman, and my symptoms include low libido, dry pale itchy skin, constipation, low mood, lethargy, cold all the time, feeling uncoordinated and vision is a bit strange at times. I went to the Drs for bloods as follows if anyone knows anymore?:

Tsh = 2.2 (0.55-4.8)

Free t4 = 15 (9.0-23.0)

B12= 318 (211-911)

Ferritin = 15 (20.0-291.0)

Folate = 3.0 (>3.4)

Fbc = all seems normal (total white blood count on the low side at 4.5 (4.0-11.0)

I've tried to google but there is no definate answers if anyone has any advice?

Thanks :-)

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Greggers this link will help you to understand results:

To be honest you really need FT3. Are you taking any thyroid meds? Do you take any prescription drugs?

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Hi! Thank you for replying I shall have a look at the link now! No not on any meds for anything only mirena coil and only had anaemia in pregnancy and a blood transfusion postpartum.


Greggers I think as a matter of urgency your vision needs to be investigated. What did your GP say about this, will you be referred to a consultant?

Your other symptoms are typical of a thyroid disorder, your B12, ferritin and folate are too low. Guessing your GP thought they were fine?


I think the vision comes with the uncoordination and I will keep an eye on it no pun intended. Nothing was said just to make an appointment when the receptionist rang with results.


Your Ferretin (15 - (20.0 - 291.0 ) is way too low. It's below the bottom of the range. It should be towards the top.


Thank you, I've had low iron stores before and been on fumerate but never had symptoms so was confusing me as blood count seems ok suggesting it isn't anaemia.


You're not taking an iron supplement now? If not I think you should go back to ferrous fumerate as long as it agrees with you, it should be taken with vitamin C. If it doesn't agree with you then try either BlueBonnet or Solgar gentle iron, these are more gentle on the stomach. Allow 4 hours between taking iron and other supplements.

A vitamin D test would be worthwhile, chances are you'll need to supplement. Vitamin B12 needs to be at least 600 but there are other members who know lots about this. The best type is methylcobalamin that dissolves under the tongue.

No antibody tests have been done, the NHS only tests one type but there's actually 2 that affect thyroid function.

Private blood testing links:

Unfortunately many of us have found GPs to be clueless about thyroid disorders especially when the TSH test is treated as the holy grail. A normal TSH is around 1. so yours is a little higher. However as far as the NHS is concerned you're not hypothyroid til your TSH is over 10, regardless of how you feel.

Have a read, scroll down left hand side of the page:

If I were you I'd be tested for vitamin D, FT3, antibodies TPO ab and TG ab. Alternatively start taking iron and B12 then get tested, including TSH and FT4, in 8 weeks.


Thank you for your time! :-) no not taking anything as was last deficient a few years ago. Had bloods done on thurs and got an appointment next week to discuss. What confused me is b12 is in range but I'm showing symptoms so wasn't sure if diagnosis. Hopefully the dr will be able to treat me and I will ask for further tests if not offered! Very greatful for your reply it's a minefield of info online x


There is a difference between being in range and optimal, unfortunately the NHS makes no distinction. Have a read of this UK website:

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