Very worried!

I wonder if somebody could please interprete these Ferritin results for me 13ng/mL*. 20-204ng/mL. A doctor put my mother on 305mg of iron tablets twice a day. Her own doctor returned from leave and said she wasn't even aenemic and to stop taking them. I am so worried as she has had a bleeding ulcer in the past! Thanks in advance I know it is not entirely thyroid related but I am currently so unwell with my thyroid right now and am unable to get to her!

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  • she should listen to her doctor.why take 610 mg if she dont need it?

  • I wanted someone to perhaps tell me if those Ferritin results are normal please!!

  • Joannagof,

    Which doctor should she listen too? The one who prescribed 610mg or the one who said stop taking it?

  • her own doctor.

  • Her own doctor told her to stop them! Clearly she is aneamic so if she does that she will be seriously ill. Please only comment if you know what you are talking about as I have enough worry!!!

  • That is below minimum range, she needs to start taking them again imo. Couldn't she make another appointment with a different GP?

  • Thank you sooo much I thought I was right. I will see if we can speak to the doctor who prescribed her them as her own doctor was on leave. Thanks again Hun!

  • You are right.

    However your mother needs to go back to the first GP and tell him/her that she has had a bleeding ulcer, so s/he can investigate whether your mother has this or another GI problem. There is no point taking iron tablets if you are just going to bleed continually.

    Also stopping the tablets if the cause hasn't been treated can cause your mother's ferritin level to go lower and she can end up collapsing. This would be a medical emergency - though don't expect the GP who told her not to take the tablets to tell the complete truth if this happens.

  • Minkymo,

    Deficient ferritin can indicate iron anaemia. Several members have been given iron infusions when their ferritin was that low. Did your mother's GP do an iron panel and full blood count to rule out anaemia?

    I'm afraid I don't know whether taking iron would irritate an ulcer but if the ulcer is bleeding that might be why ferritin has dropped.

  • Her ferritin (iron stores) are under range. Ideally, she should be referred to gastroenterology (unless she still has heavy periods - Sorry, I'm assuming older woman) esp as she had has ulcers in the past as that might be wnere her iron is going, to see why they are so low. It would be usual to prescribe 2 x 2010 ferrous fumarate per day for this level.

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