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2months thyroid surgery still feel throat tightness

its been two months and my throat feels and it is swollen.I feel the tightness around the scar but that is normal.bu is it normal to be swollen?It feels uncomfortable when i swallow under my jaw.Some days i feel pain inside and some days i feel ok.

imove a lot and lift weights where i work maybe its because of that?

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Hi joannagof there's no history in your profile but I'm assuming you've had your thyroid gland removed.

Those who've had a similar op will respond. I assume your job might be contributing to your pain, as our neck/shoulders are affected when we lift items.


hi Hidden i felt tightness and was aware of swallowing for a while, but the area was not swollen. It could be related to carrying weights as i still have tension and pain on my neck from eithe stress an/or computer work.


When did you go back to work after the surgery? If you went back after less than 8 weeks there's an off chance you hadn't healed completely before going back to what sounds like a very physical job. It could be that you are having to hunch your shoulders and push your head down when lifting things so making your neck scar tender. It took nearly 6 months for my neck to feel normal and I still can't feel sensation on one side of my neck and also still lose my voice at the first sign of a cold because it was so bruised inside even after 24 years! Give yourself a little more time to heal, you had a major surgery not a tooth filling. It'll take time but your neck will eventually stop feeling so weird😀


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