Under active thyroid for 14 years now feeling of tightness in throat

Hi I'm new to the forum. I've had hypo for 14 years and am on 150mcg levothyroxine a day. In the last month I've had a very stiff neck and a feeling of tightnes in my throat around the front of my windpipe which feels like it's being pressed from the inside - very unpleasant and quite alarming. Also I have a sore throat and my voice feels weak. I'm relieved that it seems many on the forum suffer similar and I'm not going mad! Are these symptoms a sign of swollen thyroid, goitre or nodules. Any advice much appreciated!

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  • 150mcg of seems alot (max is 200 i believe)... when was your last blood test to check your TSH, T4s etc? If you are starting to experience the symptoms you mentioned I think it might be best to have an MOT with the GP/Dr just to double check everything. If the doctor is concerned they may refer you to an Endocrynologist who may be able to do further tests

    Better safe than sorry... hope you feel better soon

  • Thanks I had my levels checked 3 months ago all were normal. I did not have any of the symptoms them. The symptoms seem very common on the posts I've read on the forum but unsure as to possible cause inflamed thyroid, nodules etc?

  • I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. Whilst 150 mcg is higher end, there are others on higher doses. I'm not familiar with your symptoms but there are definitely others here who have first hand knowledge and they'll be along soon, to comment. Meanwhile I'm wishing you well.

  • Ps I forgot to say that if you add your actual results and ranges to your original post, we can see what's happening at the bloods end of things, alongside your symptoms.

  • You need to see your doctor and get it checked out. I've had thyroid problems for years and started to get a weak voice - hoarse it turned out to be Reinke's Edema. I'm not saying that is what you've got but all voice changes when linked to thyroid need investigating.

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