Does anyone else feel like this??

Hello, i am 29 from the USA and i am in prerty bad shape, i have always had insomnia and irritability, chronic sinus inflamation and pain/knotts in muscles all over even as a child. In my life i have been diagnosed with bipolar and fibromyalgia but treatment of these conditions were never very effective and always required constant increase in meds. I have been steadily getting worse over the years but was put on latuda in November and had to quit mid December, since then i have spiralled out of control, developed recurring sinusitis, pain and knotts are crazy all over, wrists and feet hurt and hands andcfeet are always cold, i am completely intolerant to cold, losing hair, always tired, and my glands and lower right part of neck is inflamed, and my mood is the lowest ever! Im so dark right now, i honestly dont want to live. I had never heard of hypothyroidism and tomorrow am pushing for tests. Does this resonate with anyone? Am i crazy? Every day i feel worse and worse. Any input is appreciated. Thanks all.


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  • No, you are not crazy! It sounds like you've been hypo for a long, long time - probably since you were a child! But, since doctors are so ignorant on the subject, they don't think to test for it, and prefer to 'diagnose' patients with things like fibro and bi-polar, when these are probably symptoms of low thyroid, rather than actual diseases.

    You go and get your tests! And ignore any snide remarks doctors or nurses might make on the subject. Get a print-out of your results - with the ranges - and post them on here. We'll be able to explain them to you, as doctors tend not to be very good at that!

    Take heart, you're not alone. We can all empathise with you, with your symptoms. Lots of luck! x :)

  • Oh thank you! I feel more reassured that im not just bonkerz, no one here understands and say "oh you just need to suck it up and calm down" so frustrating. i will get the test asap and post my results as soon as they are in hand, it is 3am here now and my Dr opens at 9, i greatly appreciate your advice grey goose! Much love.

  • You're more than welcome. And, if it's any consolation, nobody understands anywhere - unless they have it themselves.

  • I know this is old, but wondering how you made out? I was negligent in getting my thyroid labs done on time. This past winter I could not ever get warm no matter how high we turned up the heat! I was deeply depressed also Surprise! My labs were WAY off!!! With an increase in my thyroid med I was soon way too warm and experiencing what seemed like hyper sx! The right dose, and regular labs, can help you feel much better! Hope you are well.

  • If you are anywhere near seattle go see dr. Robert Murray at the Polyclinic. He's wonderful! Otherwise get to an endocrinologist and have your thyroid levels checked asap.

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