I recently became aware that thyroid issues can be caused by insufficient iodine absorption in our bodies. Has anyone else heard this and what are your thoughts?


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  • i have read a lot of what causes thyroid nodules.

    Some doctors said that too much or too little iodine can cause thyroid nodules.

    i remember when i was young and obssesed with my weight i read somewhere that salt causes bloating.So i cut off my diet the salt for a long time.i had a lot of nodules.But the doctor told me that this theory is not valid and i was born with them.thyroid is the only organ in our body that absorbs and needs iodine.So too little or too much can cause problems.

  • Not really the only use of iodine. It is the body's antiseptic as well. The thyroid uses iodide and the breasts need iodine. In fact, women with breast cysts can use Lugol's solution and it will resolve the cysts. It's controversial when you have the autoimmune Hashimoto to take anything larger than 1 mg. iodine but your body needs it. Keep reading.

    These researchers found that “iodine does indeed reverse fibrocystic breast disease; their diabetic patients require less insulin, hypothyroid patients need less thyroid medication; symptoms of fibromyalgia resolve, and patients with migraine headaches stop having them. Even better results can occur when iodine is combined with magnesium and selenium.

    Iodine deficiency may be a major contributor to the widespread arthritis problems in the US and Canada. Iodine deficiency may be a major contributor to the widespread emotional disorders people have today. Hormones control body weight. Malfunctioning glandular systems due to iodine deficiency may be a major cause of the overweight problem in the both of these countries.

    Iodine is by far the best antibiotic, antiviral, and antiseptic of all time. Iodine Therapy is effective in killing Candida, other fungi and microbes. Iodine and microbes have an affinity for the mucus membranes. Iodine clears out excess mucus. By keeping the mucus membranes healthy, iodine greatly helps to overcome autoimmune diseases, sinus problems, asthma, lung cancer, and other lung problems, and also intestinal diseases, including inflammatory conditions and cancers.

    Of course your thyroid hormone contains iodine atoms; thyroxine (T4) contains four iodine atoms, while triiodothyronine (T3), otherwise identical to T4, has one less iodine atom per molecule.

  • If you do a search for 'iodine' in this forum you'll find a lot of discussions. Makes for interesting reading. It is, like so many things, not as straightforward as it may initially appear!

  • I suspect that initially I was iodine deficient. I am not auto immune but it was once suggested to me I took kelp and I improved with that. Recently I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I've read that can be caused by iodine shortage. May be I should test my levels.

  • yes good idea I had not heard that about iodine causing breast cancer, I suspect other factors are at play as well if iodine does play apart of it eg genes, environment lifestyle.

    Good luck with your breast cancer I hope that it soon goes to remission, what are you going to do for treatment just wondering.

  • I was discharged last week! Didn't need chemo and had radio in case anything had slipped through so been very fortunate. I didn't feel a lump though. The tumour when pressed flattened out so even the consultant couldn't find anything but the mammogram and ultrasound did so I just noticed I looked a little different. I was a day case for surgery but ended up staying over night as very sick!

    As far as I know no Cancer in my family so that was a big shock. I do my family tree so loads of death certificates around! I was told it was on the increase but they don't know why so I keep passing on any info I find!

    Thank you for your kind words

  • Check out for some great info on diet and cancer. Glad all good😀

  • silverfox check mistletoe for breast cancer

  • I showed up very low on iodine on a urine and hair test. My doctor prescribed me iodine tincture. I took it for many months and did not notice any difference except one day when I took 35 drops and flipped to hyperthyroid for the day. My anxiety/stress levels skyrocketed but I got a lot stuff done that day I had put off. Interestingly when I upped the dose really again to get energy boost I could not replicate that hyper state.

    Supposedly a test for iodine deficiency is if you paint the tincture on your skin and if it fades quickly it means you are still deficient. I was still getting the quick fade (under 15 mins) even a year after starting lugols iodine supplementation. I then read about co-factors which are important for iodine transportation in the cells. Vitamin C, B2 and selenium. Even with these added I did not notice a pick up in energy, cognition or reduced brain fog. I ended up reading how for some people taking kelp helps them when it comes to iodine absorption, and for me it did.

    I think a lot more people should get their iodine levels tested or trial it for their thyroid. Its an essential element that is used by other glands than just the thyroid and many people are deficient in it. As someone else wrote it helps prevent breast cancer and fibroid tumors. I have read of a number of accounts that taking iodine for people with hashimoto's is risky but then other accounts that say taking selenium at the same time prevents any risk. People need to do their research and dont rely on doctors to know this. Iodine was once widely used by doctors but now considered old fashioned since it cant be patented and marketed by big pharma. You'll even see tincture bottles in chemists marked as poison.

  • Unfortunately, the skin absortpion test for iodine is not valid. The disappearance of the stain has more to do with evaporation than iodine levels. See "the skin iodine patch test is not a reliable method to assess whole body sufficiency for iodine."

  • Some think if you can keep it wet, it may be an indicator. But I've never tried it.

  • Yes I have joined an Iodine group on Facebook. In fact I had bought the iodine just before I was diagnosed and decided not to start it there and then as I was afraid to take on any detox but I think I shall start pretty soon. They don't advise painting it on to test for a deficiency so think will find a more reliable method first. I was told Brest cancer is on the increase and I think iodine could well be the reason or rather lack of and when you think about it we no longer have it added to salt. What I have done as I was taking kelp and have done for years and having also. Even told don't tell your doctor (!) I hadntvtaken the recommended dose but I have increased that now! I did Google it and was told usually appears in your forties but having just noticed the time I am 69 today so whether the kelp has helped to keep it atcbay, well an interesting thought! Or may be its slowed down the progress but obviously I don't want it to come back! I've also read on the iodine group that TSH rises rapidly when first taking it but no suggestion why or if it generally changes thyroid levels. I would suspect not as by virtue that the thyroid uses iodine I would have thought that would have been well documented. If my thyroid journey has been caused by lack of iodine and not a thyroid malfunction then at the beginning it could possibly have been reversible but as the thyroid then gets to depend on our medication I would inmagine after 30 years it's no longer able to function itself. At the moment I'm getting stable on NDT. I am pretty good but I had two operations last year which unsettled it, a new hip and then September the cancer so my next endo appointment is in 2 months so I want to make sure I've made up any lost ground before may be muddying the waters but I shall keep you all posted lierally! I realise I have been fortunate so I made the decision to spread the word of my experiences as my generation were taught to feel for lumps but now the word is to look for any change but even much younger ladies have been surprised I couldn't feel anything. So it's not generally known in my part of the country and seeing it could be tied in with thyroid problems I want to get it out there

  • My Gynec told me the same, that there is an increasing co-relation between Hypothyroidism and breast cancer. She adviced keeping the levels optimum by frequent testing to keep away the cancer.

  • I had breast cancer in 2002. It runs in my family. Had a double mastectomy as had different types of cancer in each breast. Had Chen and reconstruction. Was just diagnosed hypothyroid 3 years ago. It's possible was hypo without being diagnosed for years cause looking back had some symptoms. Very interesting conversation. Thankyou.

  • I have Hasimotos, and they say if I take iodine it will destroy my thyroid. I have read other articles that say if you take to little iodine it will cause problems.

    I bought some liquid iodine, one drop equals 75mgs. After a few days of use I felt very strange. I became very aware of my thyroid. So I stopped taking it. I need to read up on this too.

  • I have Hashimoto's, too, and in the past I've used thyroid glandular containing iodine. Within a couple of days, my thyroid gland would feel swollen and painful, like I was coming down with a strep throat. When I stopped taking the supplement, the pain would go away in a few days. Every time I've tried glandular containing iodine/kelp, the same thing has happened. I now avoid it completely and have not had any more problems. I've also read over and over again that you should be careful using iodine/kelp if you have Hashimoto's disease or autoimmune thyroiditis.

  • I e also heard though that when you are short of iodine and then get some the thyroid swells because it is trying to hold onto the extra which also makes sense so what to do? Proceed with caution but the jury is out on that one. I don't like the sound of the detox but then I don't like the idea of hanging onto toxins either!

  • I also have hashimotos and my nutritionist has recently recommended a small dose of kelp. I haven't taken it yet and will be testing my levels first, to see if I really need it.

  • The iodine crises by lynne farrow. Have just started reading it and am sure that I'll be supplementing iodine by the end of it. I've had some iodine for ages but was put off by the raging disputes.

  • brimstonne 9 iam glad you have thatbook I have it too it is really realyy informative in fact I have gotmy bottle outagain. yes forgot you MUST take selenium with it.

  • I've just ordered some iodoral from Amazon. I take selenium twice a day with all the other supplements.

    I think iodoral could be easier to dose than the lugols.

  • Brimstone9, there's another good capsule by Hakala labs called Lugotabs. Hakala labs also do a 24 hour iodine urine test that is very good.

  • I'd also add that it is necessary to test for the other halides at the same time as the urine loading test otherwise urine issue might not show up.

  • Thank you for the info Brownlow, it's all very interesting, I shall look into it.

  • Perhaps you'd like to read this other very recent thread here:

  • Is that easy to get in touch with? I've heard the name mentioned before but was t sure which country it is in and never got around to put it in a search engine.

  • I think it's a personal thing and we are all likely to have different responses. The person running the Iodine group says many of us are not taking the plunge because we are scared but then after my warning should I be scared not to-it's a very fine line. I am already taking the co factors, may be notvin the same amounts as recommended but so much is put on taking them that may be I should be fine.

  • I started taking iodine about a year ago. A nutritionist went through my extensive list of supplements and said that was the only thing she'd add.

    Lugol's iodine two drops in water at dinner not at the same time as Selenium

    I bought a book called the iodine crisis which claims that iodine cures cancer

    But I must say I felt no difference whatsoever

  • I read about this when I found out about my thyroid and had mine tested the levels they were optimal.

    It may be something as there are many papers written on it but there are also many other factors involved as well.

    I was adopted and lived apart from my two sisters since birth. We all grew up in different situations, including diet and sun exposure. I had low Vitamin D but they never. It's so complicated.

    We found each other in our 40's.

    We are now in are 70's and all three have thyroid problems.

  • check out Dr Brownstein , or Ray Peat. For Myself I take Atomidine every day

  • yes heard that an d bought the book by lynne farrow the iodine crisis and dr Brownstein, it is controversial in as much as some people agree andsome don't, however those two books are veryvery enlightening- lack of causes pain in limbs cysts, even in breasts, lack of hair, low thyroid,

    all sorts and some say if you have hashi not to take it- I have hashi, I took detoxidine iodine gentle on the stomach and my t3 went up to 10.9 my endo wndered why- I had to tell him anyway that wa sthe best I ever felt. I think this is something that you must read upon and decide for yourself.

  • Bluepettals2, do you mind me asking how long before you noticed a difference after taking iodine?

  • monima I am not sure now but I reckon about 3/4 months?

  • Worldwide, inadequate iodine is a major cause of thyroid issues.

    In the UK and the USA (and, I'd guess, much of the rest of the so-called western countries) the major cause seems to be auto-immune.

    It is so very easy to pick up something and apply it inappropriately. We need to look at ourselves as individuals and then decide if it is a possible cause, get tested, whatever is needed.

  • Unfortunately testing seems to be ridiculously difficult. Bloodtest for iodine isn't accurate, 24 hour loading tests gives a lot of false positive and 24 hours urine test is not much better in the end.

    Difficulty of loading and urine test is that we absorb iodine different ways.

    Basically if you were deficient and started supplementing the test might show low levels of iodine as your body takes more iodine. So in loading test it shows you still deficient even though it would mean you are just using it more efficiently.

    In 24 urine test same outcome, it would show your diet is low on iodine even though it would be sufficient.

    Also even a mild dehydration affects.And so many more other factors that are at the moment difficult to rule out.

    I was considered iodine deficient. I took iodine. Well my iodine level improved, but TT4 and T4 kept dropping. Taking iodine lowered my thyroglobulin which is considered good marker of iodine status, but everything else went so wrong even though I took only 150-300 mcg iodine and I felt so sick most of the time. My stomach was upset all the time.

    I checked how much my diet possibly contains iodine and it gives basic level around 100 mcg which is close to adequate so I was possibly supplementing a bit too much for me. My body couldn't tolerate it.

    I assume I should have felt some sort of improvement during that four months supplementing. But like I said my TT4 and T4 dropped during supplementing and never recovered, now both very low and TSH 3.5.

    I don't know what went wrong and did supplementing iodine cause hypothyroidism. It was two years ago and should have gotten better already as for most bits transient. Or did supplementing speed up the slow progress of heading hypothyroidism.

    Been taking selenium all the time and that has been optimal.

    So I agree that we are all individuals and before testing we should read and learn as much as we can about how to prepare ourselves for testing, which test to choose, how to interpret the test results and what actions we take. Then consult someone who has right idea of iodine. Not those who drum high dosages and call it miraculous cure. But someone who knows how to deal with it and when it's time to stop trying.

  • My endo told me to use iodinised salt from sainsburys.

  • I experimented with iodine this time last year Fam2 and the result was amazing. See post I made at time. I had a thyroid removed nearly 10 years ago. The Lugols tablets I took have too high a dose and my skin started to itch so I discontinued. I am positive my metabolism increased, felt warmer and the water retention disappeared. Together with good shot of vitamin D from a Caribbean holiday last March I never felt so good. I also take B vitamins and large dose B12 which is essential as loads here will say.

  • Hi All,

    Interesting reading.

    I have an atrophied thyroid gland, huge amount of medical problems/symptoms, many quite possibly thyroid related (and/or not ).

    All I can say it that every time time I have a scan involving injecting iodine to my system for scans, I notice around 48 hours after of feeling a little better!!

    I've mentioned this to the nurse and Dr.... they said 'interesting'.. end of.


  • In very simple terms, from what I've read, iodine (like anything really) needs to be taken with caution as in some cases it can over-stimulate the thyroid, so you get a positive effect to begin with, but then the thyroid kind of 'burns out' and then you're worse off. But you're doing the sensible thing - asking questions on here! Knowledge is power - once you've done your research you can make an informed decision that's right for you.

  • These days people who eat a healthy diet low in salt don't often get enough iodine. Vegetables don't have enough iodine to even mention these days so this can easily result in iodine deficiency. I'm one of those. I've taken extra iodine from seaweed based iodine product for a few weeks and I can tell the difference. However, I've also been taking zinc and selenium and omegas from oils and these can have all contributed to it.

  • Not sure what you mean by a healthy diet low in salt?

    But even if NOT low in salt, most salt used in the UK (domestically and in food industries) is very low in iodine so it almost doesn't matter how much salt people consume.

    (Some processed foods from Poland, Germany and other countries, as often found in Lidl and Aldi, specifies that is was made with iodised salt.)

  • Healthy food low in salt is if you don't add much any salt in your diet and you eat pure meat and vegetables (clean eating) mainly like I used to (and still do but making sure I get everything I need). No sauces etc that would have lots of salt in them. Iodized salt is pretty much the only way to get iodine from food these days and as you said it's not high in iodine. If you eat some seaweed and other similar foods that are high in iodine, then you get enough.

  • Why does healthy food have to be low in salt?

    I think I actually meant that most of the salt in the UK is NOT iodised at all. (Yes - you can choose to buy iodised salt, but it tends to be in small quantities that you have to actively search for.) It has so little iodine it is almost undetectable.

  • I didn't say healthy food has to be low in salt. I said mine was. Yes, unhealthily, but I have these days studied nutrition a lot more and have a wonderful functional nutritionist assisting with my nutrition.

  • A low salt diet is not good for you. Just like low fat is not good for you.

    And I really, really dislike the term 'clean eating'. It's a marketing term, invented by those who want to sell you their products like cook books.

  • Thank you. Too low salt is no good. And low fat has never been good. I don't really buy things and words like "clean eating", but that is the closest to my diet to describe it with. I have one of the best functional nutritionists assisting me with my nutrition these days and she together with a functional doctor have taken me from bed to back on the road and life.

  • I think my Hashimotos could have started with too much iodine. I had a horse who's feet I had to keep sterile for a year so used huge amounts of iodine and no gloves, silly me!!

  • As Hashimotos is an autoimmune condition, are you saying that overdosing on iodine (in your case, by transdermal absorption) can cause autoimmune thyroid disease?

  • I think so yes. I'm pretty sure it was one catalyst for me.

  • If you are taking thyroxine then taking iodine as well is not recommended.

  • Many, many years ago my doctor told me to always be sure to use iodized salt in my diet because of the iodine. No real explanation but that's what Ive always used. That was back in 1960.

  • That would make sense if you were living in an iodine deficient area at the time.

  • I found this video very interesting.

    It's Dr. Jorge D. Flechas explaining how the whole body, not just the thyroid, requires iodine. He was part of the Iodine Project with Drs. Abraham and Brownstein.

    I think one of the reasons that the thyroid can swell on supplementing with iodine is that it's 'making hay while the sun shines'. The theory is that it has been deficient for so long that it hogs all the supplemented iodine for itself and swells. Also, people can feel worse on supplementing with iodine because of adrenal insufficiency and also a detox reaction that occurs especially on detoxing bromide. The salt loading part of the iodine protocol should help with this. I have read of people feeling worse on lower doses and better on higher doses. The theory about the lower dose is that all the various tissues of the body fight for the iodine and make you feel worse. The higher dose means there's sufficient iodine to saturate all tissue and anything not required is excreted. Some people report feeling better switching to a high dose.

    There is an iodine loading test that can be done but to get a full picture the other halides need to be tested at the same time to prevent a false picture of iodine status. I should think we all have fluoride, bromide and chloride in our bodies unopposed by iodine and taking up space in the thyroid.

    Companion supplements with iodine are pretty important as is the type of iodine used. The body needs both iodine and iodide.

    More can be learnt in the following books and look for the authors on youtube too. I have only read the first two so far:

    - Dr. Brownstein's book Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Do Without It.

    - Breast Cancer and Iodine by Dr. David Derry.

    - Iodine - Bringing Back the Universal Medicine by Dr. Sircus.

    - Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow already mentioned by others.

    - Stop The Thyroid Maddness by Janie Bowthorpe

    and Stephanie Buist's site

    As always....everyone is different and this is one of those subjects that requires a lot of study before deciding what to do. Unfortunately both mainstream doctors, naturopathic doctors, alternative practitioners etc. know very little about iodine.

  • I watched part of the video. It is extremely interesting. Hope to watch the rest at a later time. Thank you.

  • I did have issues with low Iodine. This manifested as a slight swelling of my Thyroid that both made that slight hollow between the ligaments at the base of the neck disappear, and caused difficulty swallowing tablets. I found myself craving natural Iodine sources too like seafood.

    I have hypothyroidism but not the hashimotos that many here suffer. Thyroid hormones are made from Iodine (T4 has four atoms, T3 had three atoms of it), so to produce them it's essential. The right amount of Iodine is a balancing act.

    It took a fair bit of Iodine in a short spell to produce lasting improvement. I would strongly suggest Potassium Iodide to avoid any issues with toxicity, it's also helpful to expel bromide from the Thyroid. Read the bottle carefully though and follow the instructions.

  • Good sources of iodine: Himalayan sea salt; dairy - especially yoghurt; eggs; seafood in general; potatoes in their skins; cranberries..

    Derbyshire neck was the classic symptom of low iodine. I believe that the soil was severely depleted and it's a long way from the coast.

  • After a stint at trying synthroid (didn't work), I began taking NDT and it was like a miracle. This was almost twenty years ago. All my hypo symptoms resolved except the cold nose, feet, hands, cold intolerance and lowish body temp. I started taking iodine a few years ago and noticed that the coldness just faded away. It was so subtle I can't tell you exactly when it happened.

    We have receptors on every cell in our bodies for iodine so I was taking the iodine strictly for health reasons (like taking a multi-vitamin). I do take the co-factors and had very little detox reaction. Iodine belongs to the same chemical halide 'family' as chlorine, fluorine and bromide. In the absence of iodine, these other halides will take up residence in the iodine receptors on our cells. As we ingest iodine (start low and slow), the iodine supplants these other halides and our body may struggle trying to get rid of them. Natural, celtic-type salt, magnesium and Vit C can help hasten this process and lend support to the detox. 1/2 tsp of celtic salt or Real salt (brand name) in water a few times per day can help with those vague headaches you may or may not experience.

    I can only strongly suggest that everyone do their due diligence and educate themselves on the use of iodine. It is only in recent memory that iodine has gotten a 'bad rap'. In times past, iodine was viewed by the medical profession as almost a miracle product. Do read the history of iodine usage. DO NOT USE OR INGEST THE IODINE THAT SITS ON THE PHARMACY SHELF. Only use a brand like Lugols (liquid drops), Iodoral or N throid (by RLC Labs, same company that makes Naturethroid).

  • I have a bottle of iodine tincture that I bought from a pharmacy and its marked poison. I use it to put on the moles on my skin to shrink & fade them. The ingredients of the bottle are iodine and potassium iodide. I had an old bottle of lugols lying around still and compared it to that and it was the same, and that was 3x more expensive. I was curious and read up online as to why the iodine from a chemist is considered poison and read that it was because of the ethanol. Given the drop doses people take, I would have thought the amount of ethanol would be inconsequential and only an issue if the person swigged down the bottle in one go.

    I take kelp powder for my iodine. I would be getting some other trace minerals with that well, but also arsenic and maybe some mercury too from what I read.

    Why do you say dont ingest pharmacy iodine?

  • samam, I have belonged to several iodine groups and the consensus and advice is always to NOT ingest the drugstore/pharmacy variety of iodine. Better safe than sorry.

    That being said some folks are leery of ingesting any iodine in any form and instead, 'paint' a one or two inch square of iodine on an upper or inner thigh every day or every other day in order to get their iodine 'fix'. My niece does this instead of ingesting iodine... lugols or iodoral. She uses the drugstore/pharmacy variety of iodine for this. The dosage and knowing how much iodine you are really getting with this method is hard to say and very inexact but one does get a little.

    The main problem with kelp is finding a pure, uncontaminated source of kelp plus you are only getting miniscule amounts of iodine. I took a drop or two of a brand of iodine (satisfactory and safe for ingesting) that delivered more/less than 1 mg of iodine per drop. I took it for several years and that low dosage never resolved my cold intolerance or sub-par body temp. Only when I increased the dose slowly over a year's time did those symptoms disappear.

  • Wow thanks for all the responses! I did read that iodine is only found in salt and that with so many ppl cutting out salt that is the reason we are deficient in iodine. I was taking drops, but stopped-- not really able to tell if it was a good idea or not. Sounds like something that would need to be monitored...

  • Fam2... from what I read about iodine, shortages really began showing up when bread/dough manufacturers took iodine out of dough in the early/mid-seventies and replaced it (it was used as a leavening/rising agent) with bromide. Look up bromide/bromine toxicity. That will give you the shivers. Funny how the powers that be will bad mouth iodine and yet remain mum on the dangers of bromide/bromine.

  • I occasionally take a small pinch of organic kelp and I find it helps. I occasionally give literally a few flakes of kelp for my 3 year old daughter too. She's bright as a button. I don't have Hashi's, just simple hypothyroidism.

  • Yes, in thevThyroid Secret, they talked about it. There are sublingual drops for under the tongue. Must be very careful or can kill the thyroid. A few grams okay. I ordered her book. Go on internet and search the Thyroid Secret. It is very informative Each video, but very long, I take lots of notes...pages and pages. Meds to take to help your Thyroid. I can't afford the type of doctor they recommend, but I can learn and follow the protocol set forth by many experts in the field of functional medicine. Nutrition is a biggie. You can heal it so it will work on its own. The meds given are necessary at first and sometimes always, but the tips they give are great! Good luck!

  • When I first heard about the impact of low iodine, I discovered that there are some doctors who know how to do a whole-body iodine sufficiency test. I arranged to take the test from the office of Jorge Flechas. Looking at Flechas' youtube video, and googling for "whole body iodine sufficiency" should help.

  • Fam2 I have Hashi's and actually made it worse by taking iodine. It caused my antibodies to elevate significantly. When I stopped using iodine the antibodies returned to the same level they were before I started!! (Within 2 points)

  • What about taking 'ocean plant extracts'? I've heard that they are good for thyroid sufferers. (Hypothyroid) Has anyone any experience of taking these?

  • At least one product being sold as 'ocean plant extracts' is simply a form of kelp.

    It is a nice-sounding name to sell products. It is, in that sense, pure marketing.

    The fundamental reason for most seaweed foods being promoted is that they contain iodine. Whether that is good or not is dicussed throughout this and many other threads.

  • Sorry I have sort of high jacked the thread but I hope my experiences and thoughts have added to a very interesting thread. The jury is out but logic is telling me to get on with it! So good as well to read the negatives as well as the positives. I've also read that the part of our body that has the most iodine is the breast so I must read up on the testing and add in bromide and fluoride as well. It might also be the only time I can get a TSH level that doctors don't stress about! (Said very tongue in cheek!).

  • This is one place where where high jacking can actually be a good thing:-)

  • But if your thyroid gland has been destroyed by Hashimoto's, and your TSH is suppressed on NDT, meaning there is no thyroid gland activity left, would it still be potentially useful to supplement iodine...?

  • The people who talk about the rest of the body (whether specific tissues/organs or more generally) needing iodine might be identifying something that almost gets ignored.

    As thyroid hormone gets deiodinated (an iodine atom is removed from the thryoid hormone molecule) in cells, so that iodine atom gets made available to that cell.

    I keep wondering if the whole of the thyroid system is actually based on a) making iodine safe by locking it up in a molecule; b) distributing that iodine round the body; c) allowing cells to get the tiny amount of iodine each needs without overdoing it.

    Imagine a primitive organism surrounded by water containing iodine - probably in variable amounts. If there is too much iodine, it kills the organism, if there is insufficient, it might survive in a low-activity state, but get the iodine just right and it thrives. The best thing that organism can do is to collect iodine when it is available, store it safely locked up, and release it as needed.

  • Thank makes a lot of sense. Thank you

  • anna... remember that all our cells have receptors for iodine, not just the thyroid gland. It is said that the body takes up iodine by the thyroid first, then the sex organs, then the rest of the body. Supposedly, the Japanese who eat a traditional Japanese diet have small percentages of thyroid, breast, ovarian, cervical, prostate cancers compared to folks on a 'Western' diet. They ingest approx. 10 - 12 mgs of iodine in their diet each day. Again, do your homework, read the history of iodine (past 100 yrs or so... before the advent of antibiotics) and research iodine usage.

  • Yes, in the US they put iodine in the salt. It reduced goiters (swollen thyroid) dramatically. There are much higher rates here in uk where they expect our diet to cover eat. Drink your milk, it has quite a lot of iodine.

  • or buy some simple table salt from the us on Amazon. Not sea salt or anything fancy. Mortons for example. It's only a little in there but enough to help.

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