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Help with My Results - PLEASE!

HI all - I have had the symptoms that my thyroid is off for around a year and also have a little lump, like a grain of rice at the front of my neck (is this what everyone has?). I paid for a private test and it came back with:

TSH 2.46 (range 0.27 - 4.2)

FT4 11.7 (range 12.0 - 22.0)

My doctor says that this is normal and has refused to treat the symptoms (unable to lose weight, insomnia, very very fatigued and achey). I have other medical issues like Mast Cell Activation Disorder so the boundaries are blurred I admit. However I also know that many people with MCAS have Hashimoto's so there is that!

I intend to go to see a specialist but they are all miles away - can someone give me an idea if a specialist would actually treat those test results or would I be brushed off for being just below normal range?

Thanks so much for telling me if those results mean anything and also if the tiny lump is significant...all best wishes to you all.

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OH and I forgot to say...the same test showed HIGH phosphates and LOW calcium which a Facebook friend said can mean thyroid issues...


You should be checked for hypoparathyroidism as low calcium and high phosphate indicate a possible parathyroid problem.

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a little lump, like a grain of rice at the front of my neck (is this what everyone has?)

No, not everyone has this! :D Could it be a skin tag perhaps?


Hi RedApple - no it is not a skin tag. It's internally like a sort of 'nobble' on my windpipe. About an inch down from my start of my throat. I seriously thought everyone had it :-)

Bantam - just googled and it does fit. Would the low FT4 fit too?


Ah ok, well I've no idea what that is then :)

Now about those thyroid numbers...

Most GPs absolutely won't consider any thyroid treatment when TSH reading is 2.46. But your FT4 is actually below range, which definitely warrants further investigation as it strongly suggests your thyroid is failing to produce the required amount of hormone. To get a better picture, you really need to have FT3 tested, along with thyroid antibodies.

If you can't persuade your GP to do the full thyroid panel, you can consider getting a private test done. Details of private testing is on the main TUK website here

As Bantam suggested, you should also get your GP to check you out for hypoparathyroidism.


Thank you RedApple. Doctor says TSH is absolutely reliable and is going by that :-(. Will take your course of action, cheers for the help.


Went you have your next thyroid test make your appointment as early as possible, starve and only drink water. That will ensure that your TSH is as high as posiblr which may well help you get treatment. Same regime once on medication but never take your medication on the morning of the test.


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