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Blue Horizon Pathology Results

I received my thyroid results yesterday. My thyroid function results were as I expected. But with one positive - my anti-thyroglobulin Abs have decreased from 375 (<115), to 243.1

So maybe going gluten free has helped. My concern at the moment is my liver blood results. My GP has requested to see me as my ALT is high 58 (10-36), and ALP is 135 (30-130). Blue horizon tested my ferritin levels which show 153.9 (20-150).

As I don't take any iron supplementation and I am a vegetarian, I'm concerned. Also I barely drink alcohol as I react badly to it. The little research I've done so far has indicated hyperthyroidism, lupus, RA and possibly some cancers. I have to see my GP on Monday, but if anyone has any info then I would be so grateful.

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I have fibrous dysplasia, an autoimune disease. It stops new bone hardening and affected bones distort and are extremely painful. My ALP was 273 (30-130). Do you have osteoporosis or have you recently broken a bone? That is another option. By the way the statement no action needed was recorded on heading of bloodtest. Good luck.


Thanks for your reply. I do have osteoporosis in my lumber area L1 to L4 apparently and severe osteoporosis in my proximal femur. Diagnosed 8 years ago. Fibrous Dysplasia sounds grim. I think we all need a bit of luck when it comes to autoimmune problems


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