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Hi everyone. To all the people who answered my query a very big Thankyou. I have contacted my GP and put all my concerns in a letter, especially the fact that I feel so unwell and the only blood test I had was a year ago which diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism. After 3 months of being on 25mg and still feeling so unwell, I rang him and I said do you think this dose needs to be increased. He said oh yes we can do that and wrote a prescription for 50mg without another blood test. Seems so wrong and I really do feel it is lack of knowledge.

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  • You are correct, they seem to me to be very poorly trained. Considering it is thyroid hormones keep us alive running our whole metabolism.

  • Hi, put the letter in a week ago. Still nothing from GP. I suppose the next step is writing to the Practice Manager and changing my Doctor.

  • Because they have been so brainwashed that the TSH is the 'be all and 'end all' (maybe the end of us at times) we remain undiagnosed/undertreated/nuisances/ and we think we know better than most Professionals. Which we definitely now do.

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