Changing from NDT to another NDT brand due to price raise

Hi Guys ,

I switched from synthetic to NDT about 8 months now. I have been on Nature Thriod ordering from abroad. I have been feeling much better since the change.

The price of this product has nearly doubled in price which I simply cannot afford.

I have seen people talking about Thyroid-S and it's price is slot cheaper. I would just like advice on would it be OK too just switch from one NDT to another ? I am currently taking 2 grains of Nature Thriod and have a months supply left.

Any help much appreciated and I love this site for all its information.

Tahbsk in advance,

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  • Dinjo,

    It's fine to switch to another brand.

  • Thanks for that, just wondering what users experience with Thriod-S is as I am feeling fine on Nature Thriod and just wondering cause of the difference in price am I getting a worse product

  • Dinjo,

    Thyroid-S is widely used by members self medicating NDT. Higher price doesn't equate to better product but there's no guarantee that Thyroid-S or any other brand will suit you as well as, or better, than WP.

  • Thanks Clutter,

    So I should wait till my Nature Thriod is gone and then switch to Thyroid-S ? Does it contain T4 & T3 like I am currently taking and what would be the same dosage as 2 grains a day ?. Sorry for all the questions just a bit nervous about changing products

  • The problem in waiting till you have finished the Nature-Throid before switching is the lack of a sensible route to reverse the change - in the event it doesn't work out well. You would first have to get some more Nature-Throid before you could switch back. That could take some time, and if you were very keen to reverse the change, that time would seem at least twice as long...

    If you switched without any difficulty at all, you could always use up any remaining Nature-Throid as and when convenient.

  • Thanks for that, I might bite the bullet and order an extra month of Nature Thriod for the reasons you have explained. Many thanks

  • Dinjo,

    This link shows how much T3 and T4 is in Thyroid-S and NatureThroid.

    If you are buying more NatureThroid it is probably cheaper to buy 2 grain tablets and halve them with a pill cutter.

  • Its certainly worth trying thyroid-s my lot have no problem with it

    Pm me for a supplier

  • It also takes 2 weeks for thyroid -s to arrive so best to order before you run out of Nature thyroid

  • Hi Dinjo,

    How much are you paying for Nature Throid? Are you buying 1 grain tabs and consuming two, or 2 grain tabs and consuming one? 🤔

  • About 150 sterling for 300 tabs. It use to be only 70 sterling. I get 0.5 grain bottles and take two in the am. And two around 8pm

  • Dinjo,

    I got NatureThroid in the UK with a private prescription. I got it from John Bell & Croydon Pharmacy, London 020 7935 5555. I ask how much 1/2 grain, 1 grain, 2 grain are? I then ask them to make up the prescription with the grain that works out cheapest. Usually, it's the 1 grain that's the cheapest.

  • I live in Ireland do not think I can get a prescription for a UK doctor ?

  • I've just checked. I paid approx £67 for 100 tabs x 2 grain.

    Because 1 grain is cheaper than 2 grain, I requested 200 tabs x 1 grain.

  • I've switched several times for various reasons but I make the switch gradually, substituting half a grain at a time of the new for the old. I take 2.5 grains so would take 2 grains of the old + half a grain of the new for a few days, then 1.5 grains of the old and 1 grain of the new for a few days, so that it takes me 2 weeks or so to switch completely. That way I know if the new one agrees with me or causes any sort of immediate reaction, and after a few weeks I can judge if the new one is working. I always do this with enough of the old NDT to cover the time it would take to get more of it in case the new one doesn't work.

    I've been on Thyroid-S for two and a half years and although I wasn't sure at first, and was hesitant about all the fillers, I think it's ok but not as good as Armour and ERFA used to be (but aren't any more).

  • Thanks for that. Quick question, did you decide to go to 2.5 grains due to your blood tests or from trial and error ?

  • Dinjo, this turned into a long answer so I'll start at the end and then explain why I've got to where I am! I've been dosing according to blood tests results only in so far as I don't want to raise any alarm bells with my GP who is very good in all other respects. Really I go by how I feel. Here's why:

    Originally I was taking 3 grains after Dr Skinner diagnosed me and kept increasing the dose until I felt ok, because taking more than 3 grains made me feel a bit wired. After he died I self-treated on the same dose. Twice I've been asked to lower my dose due to a suppressed TSH, firstly by a private doctor, then by an NHS endo. Both times I decreased slowly, felt unwell, lost muscle mass and strength, but blood tests still showed suppressed TSH (I'd had low TSH to start with before any treatment) and bottom of range FT4 and FT3, so still within range. Both times I was told that was fine and to lower further until my TSH re-appeared. I gave up with both of them and went back to just 2.5 grains, because that seemed to be a dose I could manage on ok. Recently my GP, not the one who first sent me to Dr S, started questioning everything and thankfully has referred me to a new endo who others here seem to think has a good grasp on unusual hypo blood test results. I'm seeing him next week and am hoping he'll add in T3, because I have a lot of muscle issues now, which may or may not be due to hypo. I at least want to see if T3 would help but would prefer to have a doctor monitoring me. If necessary though I'll go back to self medicating and add in T3 myself, still going by how I feel but watching the blood test results so they don't go too low or too high.

  • Hopefully you get there i know the feeling and thanks for sharing that with me. My issues are with weight mainly, cannot loose anything and I eat healthy and excersize 3 times a week. Although I feel fine on 2 grains for the life of me I cannot lose a pound

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