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Irreducible Lump/Cyst/Hernia


This is not Thyroid related (I am Hypo) have recently been diagnosed with an Irreducible Lump/Cyst/Hernia above my belly button. The surgeon I saw was unable to say what it is and was very abrupt when I asked about options. I have a 2 year old and explained I would like more information before I decided surgery as I have to think about childcare.

I have since been back to my GP and requested a second opinion, she is absolutely fine about it and recommend Kings College Hospital Camberwell but said I can do some research and decide for myself if I wish...

Is there anyone who has had surgery/treatment for something similar in the South London/Bromley/Kent area that can recommend a hospital or a consultant I can see please? Or maybe a website where I can get more info on NHS consultants specialising in this area. I have tried NHS choices but the site is down and I am unable to search Hernia Repair in the geographical areas above.

Any advice would be helpful.

Thank you

If members are able to recommend doctors they should do so via private messages. It is okay to recommend hospitals on the forum but not to name doctors.

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You're lucky to get a referral for a hernia, lots of people don't


I guess, but it's not Hernia, they don't know what it is and I suppose the reason for referral is because I have been in excruciating pain. If it was a Hernia which didn't cause any pain, it's probably unlikely I would have been referred. I'm not really sure what the NHS protocol is on Hernia's


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