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Armour not helping anymore

Had to come of Levothyroxine as I had terrible aching joints, weight gain, fatigue so bought Armour for two years & it was like a miracle, lost weight, had energy, no aching joints. Went to see endo & he was all for me taking Armour & recommend my gp giving it me on nhs prescription. For 2 years I have been getting my nhs prescription but now all my old problems have come back, weight gain, aching painful joints, Brian fog, lost my eyebrows. Gp has increased or decreased my meds depending on my blood test results, should I be taking supplements, I take selenium & other vitamins, but am I taking the right ones. Just want to get rid of this weight & pain was going to body blitz excercise class until Xmas when I started with pain & had to stop.

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vanessa2 On what basis is your GP altering your dose of meds? Can you post your test results (with reference ranges) and tell us where he's been altering your dose.

As for supplements, what are you taking?

What are your results for

Vit D




Have you had antibodies tested, are you positive for Hashimoto's?


No antibodies test been done, no mention of it, it's just the multivitamins & iron. Sorry I have hunted high & low for my test results can't find them. I take 1.5 grains 5x a week & 2grains 2x a week.


All that has been taken is my Serum free 4.7. (3.5-6.5)

Serum free T4 9.3 (9.0-23.0)

Serum TSH 0.83. (0.25-5.0)


your gp is totally wrong to adjust armour dosage on blood results ...probably focusing on just TSH which must never never never be used when on t3 or NDT

you should only be treated on symptoms and your armour dose increased till you are free of symptoms and you stay on that dose

my husband and daughter are both on 5 grains and have been for 12 years and 8 yrs

its not a question of armour not working its the fact your gp does not understand hypothyroid

get all your results and post them here and we will soon know


What gp does understand, because my blood test keeps coming back within limits he can't refer me to endo.


The ranges in the UK are far too wide but if you are within the range and still have symptoms that should be a. All for him to send you to an endo


I have been to surgery & got a copy of my results, posted them on here.


go and ask the gp for your test results you are legally entitled to them

set up a file and always keep results in it

always ensure test is early morning ,fasting and that you do not take the Armour in previous 24 or even 48 hours

what level of armour were you on when you felt well

has anything in your life changed in the interim

different house,cookware,water supply any other medications

you may have to educate your gp that treating hypothyroid with NDT is different

its how you feel that matters not the blood tests


I have always for years had the first blood test appointment & for years fasted before this, but my gp told me I don't need too. So my last two tests have come back within limits, but feel terrible & it's only happened since I did not fast.


that says it all....gps know zilch

TSH is higher early morning and fasting and of course if you refrain from taking your meds for at least 24 hours


Obviously seeing your bloods would help but I had my dose reduced on Armour due to tsh and I had a huge breakdown in my wellbeing and symptoms all back. I nearly fainted a few times, off balance, loads of symptoms. So it could well be you are just underdosed. even a small drop can make significant change in my case. I'm very slowly raising and now feel better, within 2 weeks. if they don't like it, I'll be going it alone. I will never risk feeling like that again.


It is a low dose.

Some people don't get on with armour since they changed the formulation. It certainly sounds like you are not taking enough to me!


I do get my results just misplayed them so been to get a copy.

Serum free triiodothyronine level 4.7 pmol/L (3.5-6.5)

Serum free T4 9.3 (9.0-23.0)

Serum TSH 0.83 (0.25-5.0

This is all I have on my test.


vanessa2 Your free Ts are far too low, you need a dose increase to get FT3 towards the top of it's range if that is where you feel well.

Without current results for vitamins and minerals no-one can answer your question about whether you are taking the right supplements. Aching painful joints could be low Vit D.

It would be an idea to test antibodies to see if you have autoimmune thyroid disease aka Hashimoto's, in which case being gluten free would help reduce antibodies.


It's a multi bit tab I take

Vit c 80mg.

100% RDA iron 14mg

100% RDA e 12 mg

100%RDA a 800mg

" " " ". Vit d3 5mcg

" " " ". Selenium 220mcg

400% RDA

Other ingredients microcrystalline, cellulose, dicalcium, phosphate, silica, magnesium, stearate.


you are not on enough thyroid meds ..

if on correct dose of NDT your t3 will be near top of range

your t4 will be middling

your TSH will be zero

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hi i am new to all this i have had under active thyroid for about 4 or 5 years now i do not understand any of these things on here i feel terrible all the time im tired all the time ihave anxiety headaches and pampatations all the time i am on 75 mil of thyroxine tablets can i get another medication that will make me feel better


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