Are you on a restrictive diet (other than gf) that has improved your energy?

Since being gf I have resisted special diets but I have to do something, I can't live this way. I would eat or not eat just about anything to improve my energy.

I keep reading that the ketogenic diet can boost energy but I am so reluctant to go w very restricted carbs as I've tried it before and felt unable to cope w the initial feelings of hunger and exhaustion. I'm at such a low ebb now I think it would be wise to try something gentler.

Just interested in what others here are doing - ?

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  • Hi puncturedbicycle

    Two changes I have made that have made a huge difference to my energy levels and sleep quality.

    1. I eat a high protein breakfast (I have a scoop of organic whey protein mixed with yoghurt and a teaspoon of rolled gf oats. At lunch I have 2 parts carbs to one part protein and at dinner 3 parts carbs to one part protein.

    2. I have morning and evening a glass of water with a tsp of l-glutamine and a sprinkling of Vit c (ascorbic acid)

    Since following the above my energy levels have increased loads and brain fog has lifted

    Lu x

  • Thank you for your reply. Glad you're feeling better!

  • Thanks.

    The combination of the organic whey protein and the l glutamine help raise the levels of glutathione. Almost instant results. The raw gluten free rolled oats at breakfast are very slow release energy and prevent the mid afternoon slump. The morning protein and evening carbs help ensure the proper levels of cortisol. It's all very scientific but easy to follow and highly effective


  • I wonder if dairy is responsible for all the respiratory bugs I've had over the last two years so I'm going to take this opportunity to go without, but I will keep your regimen in mind. If it's easy to follow that's half the battle.

  • I am currently on a very similar diet to ketogenic diet as have gestational diabetes and it isn't great for energy at all. If I do eat carbs I go for wholegrain in very small amounts and more slow release carbs but the amount of fat in this diet really does make me feel sick quite a lot. Not sure if that's down to the pregnancy though.

  • Yes, I found the fat in low-carb diets a bit offputting. Poor you, being pregnant and having to be on a diet, that's a lot to keep your eye on.

  • Thank you it's certainly made me more aware before I eat something. I will most likely carry on being cautious of what I eat after pregnancy but not quite as strict. I am praying it goes after pregnancy it should do. It's just something I have to do at the moment to keep my blood sugars in check. It's not easy and have total respect for permanent diabetics now. It isn't easy though and found my energy levels have dropped quite a lot.

  • My ex was diabetic, diagnosed in his early 20s. It is a tough transition to make and if you're not feeling your best being pregnant that must make it harder. I hope it lifts when you have your baby.

  • I used to feel really tired after eating, but not so since starting restrictive eating times.

    I tried this before getting THs, so it's not that I'm no longer hypo. :)

  • About 5 weeks ago I stopped eating absolutely anything with soya or soya lecithin in it. I had been avoiding obvious soya, but had been ignoring soya lecithin as it's all most all chocolate, and quite a few ready made products

    I decided to try this after watching Izabella Wentz, in the thyroid secret. (Being reshown, starting March 1st)

    Noticed about 3/4 days after stopped eating chocolate that hands & feet were definitely warmer.

    Obviously it might just be due to cutting down/out sugar spikes, not the soya lecithin at all. But either way I feel much better for it.

  • Most sliced bread contains soya flour too, so will be making my own from now on!

  • I am gluten free as have Hashimoto's. But yes I check ALL labels carefully

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