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Could anyone advise me i need a good altenative for Fibro pain/ sleep aid but fed up with amitryptiline as side effects no great- ie groggy in the mornings which is the last thing i need!! I need to know of a couple of good options before I see the GP as he is clueless about Hashi!! I see a private endo for my thyroid but need a NHS prescription for this.

Thank you any help appreciated!!

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Are you optimally medicated on T3? If you are under medicated that may cause fibro type pain. is probably the best place to ask about medication for fibromyalgia.


Some links which may be helpful:

Go to the date September 24, 2002 on the following link:


Hi I took this for a while and would take mine around 6/6.30pm and that worked great. However I built up tolerance and had to come off it, it was difficult and I would never go back as I have since read...There is evidence it affects mitochondrial function (cell energy)


Look into LDN (Low dose Naltrexone)

It's an immune regulator with few easy and passing side effects. It's also cheap!

It's especially effective for fibromyalgia and other autoimmune conditions like Hashimotos. For many it has been life changing!

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