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Advice re T3/T4/TSH combo results


I have had a number of tests and tomorrow I get my latest batch but the T3 element confuses me...

On 7/9/16 my results were T4 8.9, TSH 5.68, then 21/10 it was TSH 2.8. Between these two I increased by Levi from 75mcg to 100. Then it was retested on 18/11 and my results were T3 3.4, T4 12.7, TSH 1.96 and increases levo to 125mcg.

What should i be looking at as an optimum level for the T3 and T4? I understand I'm trying to get my TSH down to 1 but the rest confuses me

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Traymca It's an individual thing as to where we each feel best, but generally treated hypo patients feel best when TSH is 1 or below and FT4 and FT3 in the upper part of their respective reference ranges.

FT4 in the upper third and FT3 in the upper quarter but only if that is where *you* feel well. Without the ranges no-one can tell you those figures, so you'll need to work them out.

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Thanks SS.... how/where do I work out the ranges?


The reference ranges are set by the laboratory that did the tests. When you get your results, you should also be given the range(s). Most vary from one lab to another so you cannot simply apply yhe ranges from one lab to the results from another lab.


Ah thank you! Luckily my GP gives me the full print out each time so I will see later.....


Traymca If you post your results like this (example numbers only)

FT4: 15 (12-22)

We can see where in the range you are.


An optimum of thyroid hormones is when you have relief of all clinical symptoms and feel well. Blood tests cannot really dictate this but may be helpful.

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I recommend you get Izabelle Wentz book The Root Cause of Hashimoto...she explains it all there and very clearly plus gives you what your scores should be. She is a pharmacist with Hashimoto plus check out Suzy Cohen's book as well. Both agree that the scores from the labs are not the best. That optimal levels are higher than labs suggest.

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Thanks I will check out those books!

Got my results, advice/thoughts would be great thanks!

Plasma sodium level 139 (135-145)

Plasma potassium level 3.9 (3.5-5)

Plasma TSH level 0.98 (0.3-4.2)

Plasma free T4 13.5 (9-19)

Plasma free T3 4.6 (2.6-5.7)

Plasma creatinine 76 (49-90)

Plasma C reative protein 11.1 (<5)

Haemoglobin 127 (120-150)

Total white cell count 6.67 (4-11)

Platelet count 283 (150-400)

GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD 72

I was on 125 levo but today increased to 150 to see how it goes but I am so tired!

How do you know if you have hasimotos if not explicitly told?


Your thyroid numbers look fine. You do, however, have high Plasma C reactive protein and that is telling you that you have inflammation somewhere, possibly arthritis or rheumatism? But from the thyroid point of view you should be feeling fine, at least from the numbers I see here, I guess you could increase your dose of thyroid meds just a little bit to raise your T4 - but basically how do you feel? That is the most important factor.


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