What would 2 grains of WP Thyroid equate to if I switched to levo please ?

If I was switched over to levo from ndt how would the gp do it?

I'm on 2 grains of WP Thyroid ( 130mg ): haven't got the breakdowns of t4 and t3.

What amount of Levo would I be prescribed ?

I have absolutely no idea ! Just thinking things through currently/weighing up various options

Is it right that I could literally switch over - stop ndt one day and take levo the next ?

Sorry - I'm not well versed in this area so hoping you can enlighten me

Thanks 🙏🏿

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  • Katoir,

    2 grains is equivalent to 130mcg Levothyroxine. You can switch straight over.

  • Thanks Clutter . So easy . it's an option then .

    Ideally prefer to stay as I am - will speak to doc p about the options ( staying as I am , topping up , switching etc)

    Many thanks for all your help - I've followed up all your suggestions .

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