Breaking out in thrush, athletes foot and ringworm

I've been on this site just over two weeks and have asked about my bloods. I have had much help, but as my TSH is rising my symptoms are changing and suddenly I have broken out in all three of the above. I feel revolting! Is this due to not enough thyroid hormone? I didnt think things could get worse ... but they have. Please help ...

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  • Do you have any other autoimmune diseases? Are you iron, vitamin B12 and/or vitamin D deficient?

  • If you have these results then please edit your post and put them in with the RANGES in brackets:






    Vitamin B12

    Vitamin D

    Haemoglobin (or haemoglobin estimate)

    If you don't but have been tested by your GP get the results from them.

    Otherwise you need these tested urgently with a full blood count plus a Hb1AC test.

  • Thank you bluebug. I have hashimoto's disease. I also have a frozen shoulder and awaiting surgery. It was cancelled due to TSH being suppressed. My meds are now as follows. 50 levo and 20 T3.

    Results of bloods;

    TSH 1.2 ( 0.4 - 5.5) This was 3 weeks ago I can feel my TSH climbing.

    T4 13.7 (11.5 - 22.7)

    T3 3.8 (3.5 - 6.5)

    Up until a few months ago, I was VIt D toxic. The other bloods I will try and get results, or new ones done. What do you think i happening?

  • Having to alter your thyroid meds to get your T4 in range is probably partly why you are having problems. If you are supplementing T3 - your TSH will be suppressed, and your T4 may drop down the range this is because you don't need it to make the T3.

    I would also get the results of the other tests to check they aren't too high or too low.

    In the mean time go to the GP with your problems so they are on your medical records. That way when you have had the surgery and alter your doses back you can point out when you had issues.

  • Bluebug, I have just called my Dr regarding the test you have suggested. They want to talk to me about a celiac blood test I had done two weeks ago. I am starting to think that this could be the cause? Im sure they only talk to you if there is a problem! Bloody hell! I know very little about Celiac, but I have a feeling I'm going to have learn.

  • If you have celiac disease you will have difficulty absorbing iron (ferritin and haemoglobin), vitamin B12 and folate.

  • I cannot tell you how much you have helped me! I am in tears as it's all adding up why I keep going downhill. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Hey - all the information was there it just needed to be put together unfortunately GPs frequently fail to do that especially now.

    Anyway good luck in your appointment and make sure you tell the doctor you have ringworm etc. In fact write it on a piece of paper to hand over in case you can't speak for any reason.

  • I will do. Thank you.

  • Izabella Wentz states that in her experience (of dealing with difficult Hashimoto's patients) that over 80% of us get significant benefit from being strictly gluten free, even if not coeliac.

    If we have one autoimmune disease - e.g. Hashimoto's then more likely to have another - e.g. Coeliac

  • Thank you slowdragon for the links. I get results tomorrow. I'll keep you guys posted. Hopefully the info may then help others. 😬 I am in shock though.

  • Before diagnosis I had persistent vaginal thrush. Even after diagnosis it didn't clear fully. Many male GP's just prescribed Canesten until I saw a female one who said with thyroid issues female hormones are thrown up in the air. I got an increase in meds and this solved my thrush. A friend started with the same symptoms and I insisted she get her thyroid checked. She received a panicky call from her GP asking her to go see him. He asked what prompted her to request a thyroid test and was staggered when she told him persistent thrush.

  • Once you have thyroid problems it is common to have vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

    Deficiencies in any of the main vitamins and minerals I mentioned without a thyroid disorder will make you more prone to infections. Added in a thyroid condition or other autoimmune condition then it makes it more likely.

    So if you haven't had all the tests I've mentioned done in the past 6 months you need to get them done. If the GP (or lab) refuses to do them then get them done privately.

    In addition it is not OK just to be in range with the levels you need to be optimal so if the NHS does the tests for you, you must get the results and ranges.

  • Thank you, Gosh how much we do have to go through! I think I am going underactive, as I have also been very depressed. I have raised my T4 today as suggested by another clever member on here.

  • If you have ringworm, try and find out where it came from. Animals can give it to you as can someone else with ringworm, but you have to touch it. You can get rid of this lot and then touch the same animal and get it again, I am afraid. The animal (or person) will have bald circles, usually with crusty flakes (doesnt that sound delicious!). Gentian Violate used to be the cure, but you can no longer get the real stuff. IT is a fungus, so an anti fungal can get rid of it, but can take some time.

  • Thank you so much for your response, really kind of you to take the time to advise me. After speaking with the Dr today, it's looking like I have celiac, which is a bit of a shock! It's never ending specialists!

  • It will feel like a shock for a while, but you can do it! There is good info out there for celiac.

  • An old fashioned remedy for Athletes Foot is to bathe 2x day in water with big pinch Potassium Permanganate (Permanganate of Potash). lts very purple and stains - use old towels that dont matter. Do it for a week -or it may resolve in few days. This product is what the English used to take with them to India before the time of antibiotics! Also good to gargle for sore throats. Even a senior GP suggested it. Pharmacists have an annoying habit of asking why you want it - cd be difficult to get hold of.

  • If you join Coeliac UK you get lots of info and a mobile app for phone & tablet for checking if "new to you" foods are OK.

    Lots of good Gluten Free options in "Free From" section at most supermarkets, M&S & Tesco are very good.

  • Thank you slowdragon. May I just ask would this have effected my absorption of T3/T4? (having celiac).

    I am having all new bloods this morning that have been recommended by this site to check folate, vit D etc.

    The reason being, I tried to add a little more T4 a few days ago, I felt terrible! Couldn't sleep. Yesterday I tried adding a little extra T3 and I was very angry, prickly and anxious.

  • Yes coeliac (or gluten intolerance) can significantly reduce absorption of nutrients from gut. So we tend to have rubbish nutrient levels. Hashimoto's is connected to (or caused by?) leaky gut.

    You need to check B12, Folate, ferritin and vitamin D levels. These need to be at very good levels for us thyroid people.

    Vitamin D mouth spray by Better You is an option as it avoids trying to absorb via stomach.

    B12 has to be taken not via stomach, so sublingual lozenges are usual option, unless GP gives you injections. Even then many top up daily with lozenges.

    If taking B12 we also need good B complex to keep the B's all in balance.

    Also if you improve low vitamin D, you may need to improve vitamin B as well anyway

  • Thank you for your continued support. 😊I know vit D is good, as I was toxic. That has now stabilised.

    I take magnesium citrate with B6 B complex with B12

    Ashwagandha (only been taking this a few weeks, strange that thrush broke out after taking it)

    Vit C

    The only meds I don't take are iron and that was because NHS said levels were fine. Now I am beginning to wonder were they fine? I have no record.

    Fresh ones today. I'll post the results as soon as I get them. So very grateful. I wish I'd known about this site before.

  • Watch out for hidden gluten, e.g. Soy sauce, beer, pickles.

    Also dietitian told me we really should have separate toaster if toasting GFree bread (toasted is the only way I can actually bear eating it -M&S small brown seeded GF bread is best in my opinion)

    Also watch for cross contamination on kitchen cutting boards, in the butter/spread, jam etc.

    Sainsbury's do GFree "marmite" equivalent......if marmite is essential to you (it is to me!) Marmite itself, is not GFree.

  • I am gulping! 😬 So much to learn.

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