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receiving thyroid s

hi I order thyroid s from a link on this site. I sent the money through the bank as instructed and emailed the supplier (in Thailand) that I had sent the money and asked her to acknowledge my email and let me know when to expect the tablets. despite two requests I have only been met with silence. has anyone else experienced this and is there dodgy suppliers out there ??

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Firstly, check your spam folder for messages and secondly, check you used the correct email address to contact the seller.

I have to make it clear that Thyroid UK do not support self medicating or recommend sites where UK prescription meds can be bought without prescription.

Individual members may recommend sites via private messages. I suggest you contact the member who recommended the site to you and ask how long their delivery took to arrive and whether the seller replied to their emails.

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I order Thyroid S from Thailand and never have any problems. If I email them with any questions someone answers immediately. It depends who you use I suppose.


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