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Matthew 7: 6 - New Testament


I think I have managed my B12 and vit D deficiency well. However, I think my thyroid has not recovered fully after inflammation although it has recovered to a level of 'within lab reference range' unfortunately.

Doctors are useless, no matter how much you explain to them that sometimes its a worth a try to have t4 or t3. But NO!

NHS spends £800,000 every day (every day) on anti depressants. This was in the news just a few days ago. This is beyond me that they have such readiness to prescribe these as if they dont have any side effects at all. Only thyroid medicines have side effects.

I wish all UK doctors become hypothyroid but remain within the lab reference range.

I know this is too harsh to say because there will be some good ones somewhere.

No matter how much you justify your case they will not listen. I have tried my best and don't have the courage to do it anymore. No reason works for them.

Although, I believe, it is a doctor's job to do the research for us but when we are doing it (because they don't have time / willingness/ need) at least then they should be thankful to us that we are making them wiser. But they don't want to be.

I refused anti depressant recently for my pain which has now become chronic (1 year old). I also refused Cognitive Behavior Therapy. This offer made me laugh and annoyed me at the same time. CBT my foot! They will waste money on anything but not give a trial.

I think Jesus was right in saying:


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I have just today spent £175 on a three hour consultation with a nutrition / functional medicine therapist who specializes in autoimmune disorders like thyroid disease. A lot of money! Basically she was saying that thyroid symptoms can be eleviated and even gone with the correct diet and supplements. Apparently, we clients often neglect the importance of food and nutrition, and thyroid medication is only a small aspect of achieving wellness. I spent a fortune today on supplements and will try to stick to the food recommendations for 30 days and see if there is an improvement. This therapist has trained with doctors in the States who are Heads Of Cardiology, Immunology and Orthopaedics and are serious about using a holistic approach to treatment...(read articles by Dr Gundry, Head of Cardiolody, Texas) who has done studies on vit D3 plus dietry advice. American medics don't have a failing mismanaged NHS to curb their progression in medical advancement so are willing to look at the whole picture. The NHS is all about sticking a plaster over it to mask rather than heal the cause, and I know, I worked in the NHS for 15 years. It's all about cutting money for health, and making money to a corrupt greedy food, farming industry creating unhealthy foods causing people to require more health treatment. There is something seriously wrong with the western world's way of living now. Perhaps a conspiracy somewhere?! :)

How right are you? If doctor sounded like "Don't worry, we will sort this out" then I wont ask for thyroid replacement. But they don't. They just don't say anything. In the last 15 months of my illness, they did not say or do anything whatsoever on their own. They just did what I repeatedly requested according to my judgement. And I know I am not a medic. That is why I mentioned that it is actually doctors job to do the research.

While I am worried about my remaining life (I am 45) because not only I am in pain and weakness but also because I can no longer pursue my dreams/ hobbies, I am more worried about next generation including my child. What kind of health service are they going to have. I can not bear to think that my child, when grown up, if becomes ill (because any one can) then will have to suffer like this or may be even more. This is because by then the money will be even less. Doctors have no interest honestly trust me.

NHS is a well to the centre of the earth. No matter how much you put in it, it will never fill. Paying a locum GP £4,000 (four thousand only) per day, paying £25 for a little note pad, paying £15000 for a little tv next to a bed in a hospital ward, etc. etc. there is no end. Also, not letting people have B12 injections as frequently as they need (even though its one of the safest things and marvelous inventions) despite the fact that one injection costs only 60p.

YOU ARE RIGHT! There is something seriously wrong with this country. We might save ourselves from terrorists but who will save this country from shrewd politicians who are agents of anti depressant manufacturers.

Twinmommy, I wish you all the best in your quest. Let us know how you get on with your regime. We might learn something out of your investment. LOL.

I am quite frustrated right now, thats why wrote all this and the original post. I am sorry if I offended anyone.

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