Painful Lymph Nodes

Hi, I have a painful & swollen Lymph node at the back of my neck. I think this has happened because I've been blighted with cold bugs since Christmas & this has come along with the lastest bug this week. I'm concerned as I have a swollen node in my elbow which appeared last summer after my hashi meltdown. Are they connected to hashimotos? Should I be worried especially as I have them in different places? My gp isn't concerned at all & can offer no feasible explanation or relief.

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  • Rennixon,

    The swollen node in your elbow won't be anything to do with Hashimoto's or thyroid. The swollen lymph node in your neck may be due to the lymph glands clearing the infections you had but if the gland is swollen for an extensive period of time your GP should order an ultrasound scan as it is possible that a non-palpable papillary cancer has spread to the lymph gland.

  • Thanks clutter. The doc didn't seem concerned ☹️ Didn't examine the front of my neck. The swelling on the back has gone down a little & the pain has more or less gone too. I did tell him my voice is hoarse all the time ( my mother always thinks she's woken me up when she phones me) I'm also having trouble swallowing those very large tablets I'm taking too,but ok with everything else. I'm having some bloods taken tomorrow so I'll ask the nurse if she can check for nasties. I'll make another appointment to see the doc as well. I may ask for a scan anyway if he doesn't suggest it - just to put my mind at rest. X

  • Rennixon,

    If your voice has been hoarse for some time your GP really ought to order a thyroid ultrasound scan to check the condition of your thyroid.

  • I agree I'll go see my hypo doc (as in he's hypo too) didn't see him this time. Thanks again for the info... x

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