Thyroid UK is Now Working with Medichecks!

Thyroid UK is Now Working with Medichecks!

I am very pleased to let you know that Thyroid UK is now working with Medichecks who offer the full range of thyroid and related tests. Their range includes single thyroid hormones, comprehensive thyroid panels, thyroid antibodies, rT3 as well as related tests such as vitamin B12, selenium and other nutritional markers.

To launch our partnership with Medichecks they are offering a 15% discount on all thyroid-health tests using our code until 28th February so you need to be quick to get your discount!

For more information go to

5 Replies

  • Thanks for this information.

  • How do they test selenium? Serum blood?

  • Neeta-K,

    Read Medichecks details or contact Medichecks.

  • They do it in quite a few different ways, so not sure how you would choose which one.

  • fingerprick testing or serum if you prefer but then you need to find someone to draw the blood. They have phlebotomists though..

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