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score of 150+ underactive thyroid... what does this even mean?

Hi, Im new here, just been diagnosed with underactive thyroid. Blood tests over the available scale apparently +150. I really know nothing about this condition. Starting medication tomorrow morning and having further blood tests tomorrow morning too. It explains the extreme tiredness Ive been feeling, but otherwise Im so surprised. Is it true, its medication for life? Do the meds correct the condition pretty quickly?

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Hi you must be feeling so confused right now. my advice is gain knowledge as much as you can and this site will be a lifeline.

Ask for print outs of blood tests every time so you can keep an eye on how your feel in relation to your dosage and post the results here.

Your in safe hands with thyroid UK your not alone x

Ps take your meds on an empty belly first thing in the morning with just water half hour before food or tea coffee etc for the best absorption of thyroxine. This really is important

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It is hormones for life . You need to have results with ranges ,shown in brackets ,for TSH ,Free T4 and Free T3 also antibody tests.

It is also important to test ferritin,folate,B12 and D3 all of which need to be good .

Whether the docs will do these tests is something of a lottery and many on this site have private tests.

Most people do fine on levothyroxine (T4) only. Often this is all the NHS will prescribe but some need T3 as well.

But try not to run too fast! My TSH was101. Some symptoms went fast but it was nearly a year before I felt near to normal.

You will need to read up on the disease . Start at Thyroid UK.

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Hi LC01

All I can tell you is that my result is also out of range and therefore I have to start (re-start actually ... long story) medication starting with a very low dose and building up very slowly, so it is a slow recovery, not quick. My endo said to expect it to take 9 months to a year before I "feel like a new woman".

I've not heard of anyone who was able to come off meds - but who knows, perhaps some of us will and perhaps those who do don't mention it.

Very best of luck and I hope you soon do feel some improvement.


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