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Recommend thyroid/adrenal practitioner in Dublin please?

Hi, I'm new here! I was just diagnosed hypothyroid last week. I've great faith in my GP, but based on what she has told me already and what I've learnt myself since (largely reading posts here!) I can see that this is not her area of expertise. She only tested TSH and Free T4 - which I gather is fairly normal. And when I asked what caused this she told me it was my "celtic blood"... but I can see that my lifestyle must at least play a part in this! To begin with she is treating me with 25mcg Eltroxin and I'm to go back for tests in about 2m (this time I'll be asking for T3 and rT3 to be measured also).

I had a baby 9m ago (my third) and have since then been severely sleep deprived. Just before Xmas I had dental surgery under GA which I think really took its toll. My diet's been less than ideal for quite a few months now (living on sandwiches, chocolate and tea! Standard mum-fare...), I'm depressed, fatigued, and generally in poor shape.

Having read about it, I suspect I may have some level of adrenal insufficiency as well.

Just wondering if anybody knows of any doctors in Dublin who would be a good starting point for getting cortisol and vit/mins tested etc please? I've googled a load... but I would prefer to choose based on recommendation...

Also.. any advice for someone starting this journey please?

Thank you!

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heya, I dont have any info for you but just wanted to say hi, i am new on here too and reading your post i felt it could have been me writing it, i got diagnosed in july 6 months after having my baby, and living in cork, would be interested to hear any recommendations you get.


The only reference I have heard to Celtic Blood, I have Irish Ancestors, is to do with B12 and cirrhosis of the liver. We all associate that with drinking to excesses but Celtic people can get the problem without alcohol from a faulty gene. This fits in with my grandfather who I never knew. That was my grandfathers cause of death but my gran said he never drank and I suspected he pulled the wool over her eyes and loved permermint. A medica friend confirmed he was probably telling the truth but I didn't ask her to explain so the only link I can find to the thyroid is that we need a decent amount of B12 to help the thyroid so may be that's what she was meaning.

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