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Lactose Free Levothyroxine

Hi, A few weeks ago ,I posted here that I needed Lactose Free Levothyroxine.Thankyou to the Lovely People here ,who told me about Tevo Being back on sale with a Lactose Free Levothyroxine. I got back in touch with my Boots chemist who had supplied the original Tablets,he did not know about the Teva ones ,he ordered them and I had them the next day .I am feeling fine on them .what I have noticed is my Stomach is much better.I Always wondered if I had low Stomach Acid ,but was told by one GP that as I had H Pylori Five years ago ,I did not have Low Acid .The only time I had Acid was when I was put on Mebervine for my IBS ,I stopped and now only take Buscopan.Now I find that Low Stomach Acid , goes with Low Thyroid . Also my IBS is much better as well .I take my Tablet at night time ,as I like to take my Pain Killers with my Breakfast when I get up .Has anyone else found there IBS is any better .

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So pleased the Teva is good for you.


That is good but some folk are allergic to the Acacia in Teva. What suits one....


H pylori can apparently be connected to low stomach acid and Hashimoto's


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