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High TSH level, advice needed

Hi, I'm 24 and I've been having loads of symptoms of thyroid problems and my mum suffers from an underactive thyroid so I went to the doctors and had to fight tooth and nail for a blood test. I had a really horrid doctor that felt my neck and then dismissed it and tried to force me onto antidepressants after a 5 minute conversation (seem to give them out like tic tacs these days)

But the blood tests came back and normal range says 0.10 - 4.00 and mine is 7.3, but all they've said to do is get retested in 4 months. Does anyone else have a similar level and if so should I be on medication. Feel like I'm getting really sick of being cold, tired, head fog, forgetting things like words all the time and don't want to wait another few months if I can get treatment now.

Any advice help greatly received thanks :)

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Welcome to the forum, Rhy92.

It is protocol to retest 2-3 months after the first abnormal TSH in case elevated TSH is caused by a virus of infection which would be expected to resolve in that time.

Arrange your next blood test early in the morning when TSH is highest and fast (water only) as TSH drops after eating and drinking.

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Yes you should be on medication.

You are allowed to change GPs giving no reason nowadays so if you have any friends', neighbours, family members or colleagues around your age who live in your area or close by, who have any medical conditions and have a GP who takes them seriously then see if you can change to their practice. You may have to sign a declaration to say you agree they won't do home visits if they are out of area.


I'd say four months is too long and ask to be booked in for blood draw earlier (2-3 months is plenty of time to see if this is an anomaly).


I had similar from the many gps Ive seen and several blood tests over several years. In my area TSH range is 0.38 - 10. My tsh was 5.6 and 3 months later it was 5.73 then 3 months later 6.9 and they still won't help even though I gave them a list from thyroiduk of all my symptoms. My last test was 7.9 but still classed as normal. Like you I just got offered antidepressants which I refuse because if Im depressed its because its a symptom not the cause of my problems. I took advice from this forum as they are people who live with this and understand. In sept 2016 I got a BH blood test and ordered vitamins and NDT and started optimising my vitamins and started NDT 2 months ago. Its early days but I feel I can't rely on doctors in this country to help me get well so I have to try something even though I financially can't afford it. I hope you get what you want from you doctor. good luck Joolz.x

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