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Immune system help?

Ive had many symptoms for many years-with things being diagnosed on route- but general low immunity-back to back infections/virals/fatigue. In 2014 I was diagnosed with coeliac disease and in 2016 I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid (through advice on here found out its hashimoto disease and low vitamin d and B12 through private testing- supplement myself for vit D and B12 which did improve symptoms somewhat). I had numerous battles with GP surgery and paid for further testing to check for pernicious anemia - my gp then ordered some tests to rule out certain illness- which all came back clear except that Epstein barr virus had played up (I was tested for RA, along with other things which I'm not sure about). However since November I have been continusoly ill- Ive had bad chest- which has led to spiro test (which was normal but showed lung capacity of 58 year old- I'm 29!, which went down to 50 after used inhaler) I have to wait few more weeks of using preventer to see if has helped. However recent blood work picked up an infection in white blood cells- I have felt rubbish especially with back and pelvis pain. There's no water infection and was told most likely viral as don't have temperature. I am absolutely fed up with being poorly all the time- I do everything on my end to be well- diet/nutrition/vitamin top ups/stress low/sleep well/ don't smoke/ rarely/barely drink alcohol/ adhere to gluten free diet to point have 0 antibodies 10 month after diagnoses/not over weight. I am baffled I constantly have body aches and pains/fatigue/mouth ulcers/run down/hair loss- They look at my age and dismiss everything-any advice? sorry if sounds moany just very frustrated

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Look into LDN(Low dose naltrexone)I believe this has helped me a lot.I used to have many sinus infections.It is recommended for CFS & fibromyalgia & hashimotos.Plenty on Face Book & Google:-see LDN Research Trust.Been on it 18 months


Hello - the best way to get help on this board is to edit your post and post latest blood test results with ranges.

In particular:


Free T4

Free T3



Vitamin B12

Vitamin D

Post in the format:

Test result (range)


TSH 3.6 (0.2- 4.5)

FT4 12 (9 - 22)

Then if it is a thyroid or vitamin issue you will be given help. However if it is another condition you will be pointed in the direction of further help if someone else on the board has that condition.


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