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The Thyroid Secret goes LIVE on 1st March!

The Thyroid Secret goes LIVE on 1st March!

You may have seen the Thyroid Secret mini trailers recently. The documentary series goes LIVE on 1st March.

There are a huge number of experts speaking and the quality of the information and the TRUTH that’s contained in this incredible 9-part documentary is amazing.

It’s an absolutely priceless gift to anyone suffering from a thyroid condition and the World Premiere event starts tomorrow, FREE for anyone who wants to watch.

Even if you feel great today, discover how to stay feeling great forever. Give this “gift of health” to you and the rest of your family today!

Here’s just a taste of what’s waiting for you during The Thyroid Secret:



•Thyroid cancer




•Complementary treatments









•Success stories

It’s an amazing line up of interviews and survivor stories and from the trailer I’ve seen you’re going to be in for an incredible information packed series.

If you haven’t already registered I urge you to do so now by clicking this link:

Lyn Mynott,


Thyroid UK

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Thanks Lyn and have signed.


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