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I have just seen this davidwolfe.com/20-incredibl...

It suggest to help heart burn, liver cleansing and metabolism among a lot of other things common if you're hypo. I am going to try it for a while as my daily heart burn is getting unbearable. My hubby uses apple cider vinegar but it makes me gag :(

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  • That is one horrible website - a sort of clickbait central...

    Be careful that any acid is not allowed to remain on your teeth.

  • As Rod says, the acid can be very destructive for tooth enamel. I quite like the pepcid/hcl tablets for heartburn. You may find that all the water in lemon water will be counterproductive for stomach acid.

    You have my sympathy though, heartburn is miserable. Small meals well away from bedtime, no fizzy drinks etc may help. You can also raise the head of your bed on bricks, or sleep on a wedge pillow.

  • If the lemon juice doesn't work, try bicarbonate of soda. It was a suggestion from a couple of friends on here when I was eating Rennies like there's no tomorrow - and it works brilliantly. Tastes horrible, though, but you get used to it.

    One slightly rounded teaspoonful well-dissolved in a smallish glass of water or milk and - oh the joy of burping!

    One last thing - try separating proteins from carbs; that works brilliantly too, believe it or not.

  • On your last point, I have a book I picked up in a charity shop called "Food Combining For Health" which recommends exactly that for all kinds of ailments. I haven't tried it myself, but it's an interesting read.

  • By the Diamonds, I believe, who cribbed it from the Hay system - been around for yonks and really does work!

  • Hey pixelpup, this might be a long shot but just in case I'll put it out there. I also suffered from horrible acid reflux and I used to do all these lemon and apple cider vinegar shots that everyone's talking about, and it seemed to help but also I continued to have other issues. After a years worth of tests on my gut I was finally diagnosed with inflammation of the Duodenum and DAO (diamine Oxidase deficiency) which causes you to be intolerant to foods high in histamine (basically anything aged, processed, preserved, fermented). This had been causing my acid reflux my whole life, and it turns out that since vinegar is aged/fermented (therefore incredibly high in histamine) I was basically poisoning myself all the time. And Lemon is called a histamine releasing agent which goes in your body and convinces your own cells to release histamine, so again doing damage to myself there. Now I avoid all those things and I'm doing much better, on a treatment now to reduce the inflammation in my gut. In order to fix the inflammation it's important to reduce stomach acid for a period of time (to allow the esophagus to heal and whatever other inflammation and damage exists in the small intestine from the reflux), so again lemon and vinegar really bad for this.

    I know it might be a long shot, but who knows I'm putting it out there, if you have any questions let me know. (On a second note I first got relief from acid reflux by going gluten Free, but that didn't fix the damage already caused by the reflux, are you gluten free?) also do you ever notice you get bad acid reflux from peanut butter? If so could be a sign of Histamine intolerance.



  • Thank you for writing this - I wished I had known about the histamine problem years ago! Finally got tested, learned and adjusted a lot and know that an aged steak, 18 month comté AND red wine are just not for me :-)

    Yasmina Ykelenstam's approach and research worked well for me.

  • I also wish I had known years ago, I had problems from childhood and doctors back in Canada just labeled me IBS and lactose intolerant and told me to watch what I eat. I only got this answer a month ago and I'm now 31, I suffered more than 20 years not knowing, constantly changing my diet, not understanding why I was becoming more and more intolerant to foods. It could even be that the destruction of my gut has led me to my Hashimoto's. What I wouldn't give to have had this knowledge or a more competent doctor years ago... but better late than never 😊

    I haven't heard of Yasmina Ykelenstam, I will have to look up this research, thanks for the info!

  • Hi Dang -

    I like Yasmina's approach because it's not about eliminating more and more food groups (I knew one woman who couldn't eat anything but very fresh filet steak!) but about understanding the condition in its far reaching details and eating in a way that helps the body to cope and heal.

    I feel for you about the decades of being unwell! I never understood how others could do and eat everything and were fine, and I just could not! I also think there is a connection: gut/autoimmune conditions/hormones.

    I hope your health will improve from now on!

  • I have tried lemon & I regularly use acv. I've found removing problem foods the best thing to do. I was originally gluten free but still had problems. Then did an elimination diet & ended up on an anti inflammatory diet. I eat a no grain, no cow dairy, no legume (incl no soya/peanuts) no refined sugar, no seed/veg oils etc a bit like the Paleo diet & also took a few months of digestion aids. And I took a few months of goat colostrum to heal my gut. Be aware that for us the problem can be low stomach acid, food intolerance & general inflammation. My life was ruined due to awful IBS so what a relief to not have symptoms as my gp had nothing that helped at!

  • Hi!

    A book I am reluctant to admit owning (Medical Medium) suggests celery juice instead of vinegar, lemon juice or BHC because it supposedly heals the stomach lining. Maybe worth a try?

    I hope you find something that works!

  • I did one of David Wolfe's courses years ago. Apart from being highly good at upselling ;-) it was actually very useful, and one of the things I've kept up with is lemon water with MSM every morning. Do NOT take this as a recommndation to spend money as I have no idea what courses he does now.

  • I use apple cider vinegar capsules because apple cider vinegar proper is vile! I also drink diluted (very diluted) lime cordial and that seems to help. Liquorice and peppermint tea is good too.

    I find cutting carbohydrates and gluten helps. I ate a piece of apple pie the other day and suffered accordingly! Never again!!

  • I've had success with apple cider vinegar, I now have a tablespoon or so in a glass of water before breakfast and dinner. It does taste quite yucky, but I knock it back in one go.

    But fennel tea is excellent, and I don't think anyone has mentioned it. I'm not sure it's a long term preventative like ACV, but it works very well once the heartburn is actually happening. I buy fennel from the herbs and spices section and brew it in a tea ball, I doubt teabags are strong enough.

  • Hi everybody, Re. "lemons+ warm water" "Basically, outside the body lemon juice is acidic; inside the body after its minerals separate, its impact is alkalizing. So indeed, lemon juice is both acidic and alkalizing." Inside the body, in any case, when lemon juice has been completely metabolized and its minerals are separated in the circulation system, its impact is alkalizing and in this manner raises the pH of the body (pH over 7 is soluble). If it’s not too much trouble, recognize the distinction.

    Why is it essential for body tissue to be soluble instead of acidic? Indeed, for science aficionados, we realize that in long haul acidic situations, typical cell structure and capacity are harmed. The exemption to this is the stomach, where the hydrochloric acid emitted there is planned to help in cell absorption of nourishment." The lemon water does not harm your teeth but if you are worried use a straw.

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