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Heart burn

I get really bad heart burn and have been taking omprazole prescribed by Dr until recently when I found out these kind of drugs stop all your vitamin digestion. I've been trying to drink lemon juice and water instead which has helped some of the time but I have taken the drug again when desperate. Is heart burn a hypo symptom and does anyone know a good way of soothing it.

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Heart burn can be a hypo symptom. Did the doctor suggest any reason for the heart burn?

Often it is caused by low stomach acid rather than high acid levels. Some people swear by Apple cider vinegar before meals or even hydrochloric acid tablets but you must make sure there are no underlying issues such as ulcer or hiatus hernia.

Eating little and often can help minimise the symptoms as can avoiding trigger foods. Keeping a diary may help you to determine foods that make this worse.

I haven't really suffered much with this myself but hopefully someone will be along soon with more advice and personal experience. I hope you find a solution soon.

Carolyn x


As the symptoms for low acid or high acid are very similar, GPs usually prescribe antacids. Either condition is very painful.

If we are hypo, usually we have low acid and I, myself, had a similar experience to yourself when GP prescribed gaviscon but I could only take two doses. Then read up and I found that betaine HC tablets with pepsin gave me relief.

I will link below and I do know many people find it helpful to take some Apple Cider Vinegar in water before or during eating.


Mandyjane, in fruit juice or with a spoonful of honey in water before meals can help increase stomach acid to digest food. Add 1/2 to 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda to relieve indigestion. Betaine Pepsin, available OTC in pharmacies, taken before meals, especially high protein meals aids digestion too.


Bicarbonate of soda is doing exacrly the opposite then betaine hcl, so i dont think its a good idea to take those 2 at the same time, its antacide! Reacts with acid environment to neutralize it, if she has heart burn it is counterintuitively healed by adding something that will make it more acidic like betaine hcl pepsine as you helps a lot digesting proteins, so not intended to be taken with no protein meals

Taking gelatine is very good for healing of ulcers....


Ivy, I suggested Betaine Pepsin before meals and ACV plus bicarb for indigestion/heartburn. I didn't say take them at the same time.


Have you been checked for hiatus hernia

hypothyroids seem to be prone to them due to effect on muscle tone and the diaprhagm

can be a kind of sliding hernia which gets aggravated if you do a lot of reaching up for things like picking apples off a tree


the way I dealt with my indigestion was to stop eating grains that contain gluten. sometimes I would 'cheat' and have a small amount of gluten containing food - a couple of biscuits say - and my indigestion symptoms would come back with a vengeance.

now gluten free, and feeling much better.


Tincture of yellow gention.4 drops in half glass water,hour before meal,as advised by qualified healing practicener from Germany.Ask your Dr.Soo


I was taking esamaprasole then found out it could be detrimental so stopped taking had a very bad couple of weeks but chewed pieces of ginger in syrup when it was too uncomfortable I still chew the ginger ocasionally. ginger tea can help.


Mandyjane, have a look at this :

At the hospital last year they put me on omprazole without telling me or explaining why - I don't and never have had any form of heartburn! As soon as I got out of hospital and found out what it was, I took myself off it! NOT recommending that you do the same but at least tell your doctor that you want to come of it and try another methode.

Hugs, Grey


I had horrible heartburn for 20 years (every single day) and it miraculously went away when they finally figured out I have Celiac disease and I got off the gluten. I am still hypothyroid, but that acid problem is totally gone, thankfully. Often, heartburn is due to food not being digested fast enough (happens from being hypo) and so the body keeps pumping out more acid to get it digested. But, also, often, the food you put in your stomach is impossible for your body to digest (not everyone can digest the same foods) and so your body keeps pumping out the acid to try and get the job done. Taking antacids really isn't helping what is happening, only the symptoms from it. What I found works good for me when I get the now rare case of indigestion is to take some digestive enzymes. Works great. And then I note what I ate that was so hard for me to digest so I won't eat it again.


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