Got a Fitbit for christmas

Husband bought it for me I think he doesn't belive I don't sleep anyway surprise surprise. It shows I take to hours to go to sleep and then wake or I'm restless every hour of night till 5 only shows unbroken sleep between 5-7 no wonder I'm tired

It also shows my heart beat as being in fat burn zone for 6 hours a day ... I have graves and I'm supposed to be in remission according to bloods but I have never

Felt really well I wonder if GP will take it seriously

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  • Hello. I was thinking of getting one of these too! Would you recommend it? If so, could you tell me which Fitbit you bought as there are loads to choose from! Thanks 😊

  • Paolatello - I've had a Fitbit since 2012. I started with the One and now have the Charge HR and would recommend it wholeheartedly for keeping track of steps, heartrate and sleep. If you only want to keep track of steps and sleep, the One would be ideal. If you just want steps, the Zip would be fine. I couldn't imagine being without mine now.

  • Thank you so much! I will get one!! I feel like I sleep terribly but my partner always says he thinks I sleep more than I realise so soon I will know. Also I get a lot of heart symptoms so I'd be interested to know what's actually going on with my HR at those times. Do you wear it all the time?

  • Yes. The Charge HR is brilliant but it took a little tweaking to get the information I needed, mainly because it's worn on the wrist whereas I used to wear the One on the neck of my nightshirt. Once I'd changed the HR settings to say it was worn on my non-dominant wrist and made sure the settings weren't on "sensitive", I found I got a more accurate picture of my nightly tossings and turnings ;) Having the heart rate is quite handy as I can tell how deeply I've slept by checking how low my HR goes overnight.

  • Brilliant thank you!

  • Hunny 59 have you tried to use it to get GP to listen to you

  • Rush2112 - I think that boat has sailed. I've resigned myself to the fact that my GP is a **** ;)

  • Lol I think mine is scared of me now still dosent do anything though

    Happy new year

  • Hunny 59 I got the same model for Christmas. Really useful!

  • That's what happens to me if I have had any caffeine during the day - take hours to get to sleep, restless until 5-6am, then finally sleep deeply for an hour or two before having to get up for work.

  • I have a Fitbit Flex it certainly opened peoples eyes when they saw the info on it.

  • Hi Bacaloa

    Yes it sure does I'm getting about 5 hours sleep wit 18 restless and my heart rate rarely comes out of fat burn zone even at night and I have even been in Cardio zone when not excising

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do with info as I can't see GP being that intrested

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