What's going on with T3

What's going on with T3

I'm in a bit of a quandary with this message... I've asked to be moved re consultant's in the hospital and that's not happening to fast, and because I have openly said I don't like the way he's trying to get the t3 off of me I'd like to see another Dr and there is another I can see, I wonder if this message re next months repeat is the result... I just called up and it doesn't say it at reception screen? It says all meds review July... When I said what I was seeing it said the receptionist hadn't a clue? I've gotten myself in a tangle because I'd had a spat re not sending me my blood test reports to the consultants secretary, so on asking to change docs was dealing with her... Any thoughts about what this is or what to do... Thanks x😊

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  • I'm not sure if I understand correctly. Is it that you got a message from you surgery saying they won't give you a repeat script because it needs a review but you don't have an endo appt yet and you'll need your meds before that?

    Can you make an appt w the practice manager and have a chat about it? I once enquired about a similar thing (I got a request for a review but needed more meds) and was assured they'd never leave me w no meds just because a review was due.

  • Hi, sorry, I'm seeing one consultant who is trying to take t3 off of me (Cost) ... I'd had a run in with his secretary before re her not sending me my blood result, but she'd send to GP... After my last Consultant appt I decided I wanted to see another consultant at the hospital and sadly they share secretary!! But I've requested a move, which isn't very forthcoming (I call there's an answer machine)... In the meantime I've had this today when going online to order repeats at GP... It shows they've reissued it this time, but I need a review with GP or nurse before I can order in March! All my other meds and this used to be for t3 too are due for yearly review in July... When I called it doesn't say that at receptionist screen but as you can see it does say, see a GP or nurse my end?? Is the consultant playing up ? Any thoughts...

  • I would write a very clear, short letter to the practice manager (or make a face to face appt if easier). Overlook the details and speculation on whether or not you're being stonewalled by your consultant and just stick to what you know: you see this on your screen, the receptionist doesn't see it on hers, you need your meds, do you have a review in March or July, can they clarify please?

    They may be less reluctant to take you off your t3 if it is on your file in writing. (Or maybe I'm being naive.)

    I hear the Mexican t3 is available again. Maybe that can be your plan b?

  • will send the screenshot and email as you suggest to the surgery and if reply throws up anything I guess I'll answer... I'll also go through PALs to see where my request is re changing consultants.. I'm assuming there is a connection as they want to take folk off t3 and I've been vocal about this being wrong... I didn't really want to get in this sort of position with the GP... But if I have to I will... What are people doing in this regard re having their t3 taken away?

  • I believe if you have a condition that dictates you need it and cannot take anything else (cancer, intolerance to levo, gene mutation) they will prescribe but I bet that isn't watertight. They'll take it away from whoever they can take it away from I assume.

    I think what people are *really* doing is buying online or swapping to ndt.

  • That's dangerous, although I have done that... I'm concerned long term in case we can't get it that way... Or that some can't afford it...

  • Well I'm not advocating it as a way forward in preference to the nhs prescribing it, but if that's the alternative to having none that's what I'll do. I feel like it is a sodding waste of my tax to spend profligate sums of money on it, which is only due to their own negligence.

    The £60-100ish I'd spend per year seems reasonable really - less than £2 per week - and unless you're actually living on the breadline is affordable for most people. I spend more on coffees than that... and I'm largely a tea drinker. :-)

    Again, I am not advocating self-treatment, but buying from a reputable source is not dangerous.

    The best part of buying my own t3 was that I always had it and no one could take it from me. Now I am on tenterhooks every two months when my meds are due.

  • I did get some and will do again, and thank god for here tbh... I'm just saying about those that don't know about this site and if anything ever happened to buying in Europe... I'm going to speak to the GPs today re the message and go from there... It's clear that I've been the only one have this happen to lately, going by the replies 😊

  • Update... Spoken to by the prescription clerk and she's taken it off... She said it's because I have gone above the maximum something or other... So I am back to the yearly review it seems for it! I was convinced because I have A) asked to change Endo or B) because I have had a run in with the secretary or even C) the Endo is being pushed to strip t3 ... It was one of those... This shouldn't be this difficult getting meds you need... There needs to be a combined effort by patients to point out how this is harming us... The slightest stress sends my health downwards! Shame on consultants... It's like having a dagger above your head... I appreciate that for now we can buy it, but the words"For now" I don't take for granted...

  • Give in and follow the docs if you want to.

  • Hun, I'm not doing that... I have my meds sent to Boots now.. Maybe practices vary, but your review has to be at the surgery for me... As for t3 as a caseworker for an MP at one point as a hobby, and having a legal qualification I'm used to taking things on that I don't feel are just or right... That has now crossed over to what's best for me... I'd like as well as having the option of buying it online, to think us patients are looked after and treated properly... I guess law and the right thing run in my vein's (I only wish B12 did😊) ... Anyways my drama is over as the message on my GP ordering page was some sort of blip, not an order from the Endo I just sacked off 😊

  • Why do you not just pick your meds up at the pharmacy? They have a way of dealing with the revue of meds.

  • because as the pic says it has to be a nurse or GP

  • I stick to my reply. You're meds are reviewed by the pharmacy not the Gp or Nurse.

  • Sadly you are wrong... I have a yearly GP or nurse review and a blood test too... However, a further update from the Endo secretary is that I've been swapped to the other Endos list...Thankfully the appt I have in May at the more local hospital with the new Endo is (as I had asked tone swapped) is only days away from the old appt... After having a chat with the secretary she got my points re t3 and the 4 monthly pressure I feel in terms of is this the appt t3 gets stripped from me! And I had felt a change of Endo MAY see a different feel of how I'm looked at... So thanks all for replies... I did say to her that the t3 is an issue that needs fighting, as if supplies abroad dry up (for whatever reason) we won't be able to fight for it at that stage and will have buried our heads in the sand too long... She was really nice and agreed... But panic over...

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