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Beginnings of thyroid distress?

Hello! For 3 months now, beginning around the time of my 52nd birthday, I've been experiencing hot-and-cold-and-hot-and-cold cycles that do not seem to be typical hot flushes. My heart is also palpitating and the slightest stressful thought (of which there have been a multitude recently) sends my heart into overdrive and triggers these hot/cold cycles. I refuse to get on the GP/pharmaceutical merry-go-round and am looking for a naturopath and/or compounding pharmacist in Scotland. Any experience or knowledge you can share would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Has anyone else had this happen and if so, how did you handle it, please? Thanks, again.

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Your GP can do a blood test to tell whether you are experiencing menopause or post menopausal and you need a thyroid function test to determine whether you have thyroid dysfunction. If you have thyroid dysfunction you will need anti-thyroid drugs if you have an over active thyroid (hyperthyroidism) or Levothyroxine if you are under active (hypothyroid).


Thank you, Clutter.


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