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Hi all I haven't posted in a while... I'm underactive and my thyroid has never really been regulated in 6 years since diagnosis. I'm so fed up with my symptoms I have finally decided to go private to see an endo. I'm currently taking 200mg of Levo and my tsh was 27.5 a few weeks ago. Has anyone else had problems getting their thyroid regulated? My symptoms are brain fog weight gain and extreme fatigue. I'm so sick of feeling like anold lady I'm only 42

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  • Sleepymummy, has your TSH suddenly risen? 200mcg would normally suppress TSH. You could ask your GP to refer you to an NHS endocrinologist but it will probably be quicker to go private.

    Email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk for a list of NHS and private endos recommended by members.

  • Hi SleepyMummy, I'm new to this support site and just posted once with a question. That's just awful to hear that you've never really been regulated over 6 years. What did your GP say about your levels and treatment? I have tests every 6 months or so and my levo gets adjusted. Just really sorry to hear you're not getting help.

  • Hi bantry bay im just so sick and tired of it to be honest. I'm just existing and sick and tired of having to plan my days around needing to sleep and rest so much. Hopefully this dose will help but what has happened in the past is the Gp says I go from underactive to over active even though I still feel underactive, it's just a vicious circle.

  • Shocking! You should have been tested once a year, more if problems are found. Glad to hear you are going to see an Endo but try a NHS one first and let us know how you get on. Always ask for a copy of your results and the ranges as they vary from lab to lab. Hopefully when you are better treated you will feel a lot better though it can be a slow process.

  • Thanks so much for your reply silver fox 7 and to everyone that replied. I will keep you posted. Thanks again everyone

  • Doctor very lax. I have to force myself to be active, I'd rather doze. I make myself walk every morning but after lunch I do tend to fall asleep. Yoga helps. Good luck.

  • Doc definitely needs to be more vigilant about doing your blood tests. When you go overactive you do start to feel very tired too. This happened to me, but a decrease in med has put it right and I've been advised to have a check in 3 months. Fine tuning is what it's about and doc should be doing his job. You shouldn't have to be paying out any money for this. Having said I do get regular tests now, it did take years to get a diagnosis. Good Luck :-)

  • Hi Sleepyummy.

    I can so echo everything you say .I was diagnosed in 2007 and I can honestly say I haven't felt right since.I did for a while then one the Dr's reduced my levo and well I have gone up and down since.

    I actually complained about one of the practice GP"s refusing to listen and one the GP'S have upped my meds to 125mg but I feel dreadful.My knees a joints ache ,brain fog and so tired in day insomnia at night.I work fulltime and my dad just been diagnosed as being seriously ill so at the minute I am struggling ,I am 44 and can so understand your feelings .Horrible illness and it is so unfair we ate left to suffer the way we do .

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