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Medication Calculator?

Does anyone know if there is a spreadsheet or chart that shows weight against how much T4 or T3 one should take? I know it's all individual but I'm looking for something to work on. Basically my T3 levels are stuck at 4.8 and I would like to adjust the meds in order to find that sweet spot of medication....I'm feeling rough and under medicated.

Or maybe I could tinker with levels and create my own spreadsheet..hmm there's a thought.

I'm prescribed 125mcg T4 and 10mcg T3 but I add 15mcg to the T3 and take all thyroid meds before bed.

Latest results (01/02/17) show TSH 0.03 <0.34-5.6> FT4 11.10 <7.5-21.1> and FT3 4.8 <3.8-6.8>

Dec 16 was TSH 0.30 <0.34-5.6> FT4 13.00 <7.5-21.1> and FT3 4.8 <3.8-6.8>

Returning symptoms are chronic hives/itching, hairloss, painful sore scalp with itching and sometimes lumps! Dry skin on legs and feet, gained half a stone, temps dropped to 96.4, pulse up at 85.

I don't covert T4 well, DIO2 decreased ability of the enzyme to generate the active T3 hormone. Wondering if I should ditch the T4 for 3 months, raise T3 and see how I feel?

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Dose to weight estimate of 1.6mcg Levothyroxine to 1kg weight may be used initially and then thyroid blood tests are used to guide dosing.

If you want to raise your FT3 from 4.8 add another 6.25mcg T3.


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