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Hi I am in a family of 6 (mum dad 4 children) mum dad and 3 of us children know grown adults all suffer hypothyroidism, we all take varying doses of thyroxine mine being as high as 375 mcg per day I was on this dose for approx 20 years I know fluctuate between 125 and 200 but can't seem to stabilise. I feel OK in myself but am querying for my mum she is going through terrible depression with all the symptoms of hypothyroidism, feeling cold depressed no energy her thyroid has been checked but I was just reading about her t3 levels but not be right meaning she would need a t3 supplement could this be something we can look at with the doctor to see if this could be the cause of her depression she can not see any other reason for this depression antidepressant don't seem to work for her wondered if any one may be able to help .

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Hello Oscardog1976

T3 may help mum but she is unlikely to get it from the nhs. Please see here for further details

however there is nothing to stop her having a good footle around here herself and learning how to dose with T3, going on holiday to Greece and getting it herself. Although it costs hundreds of £ a month's supply here, in Greece it's €1 and a few cents a pack of thirty tablets, which mum may need to cut in half to start with !

By all means ask mum to try with her GP, but I doubt she will be successful in a quest for T3 on the nhs. Never mind. She has a lovely son :)

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Welcome to the forum, Oscardog1976.

It will help members if you can ask your mother to get a printout of her recent thyroid results and ranges from her GP receptionist. Post the results with the ranges (the figures in brackets after the results) in a new question and members will advise whether your mother is optimally medicated or whether the addition of T3 would be helpful.

It's very difficult to get T3 prescribed on the NHS due to the extortionate pricing of the only company in the UK licensed to manufacture it. Many members buy T3 online and self medicate for this reason.


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