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Help please with taking meds/food :-(

I take Levothyroxine 50mcg, T3 25mcg, Ramipril 10mg & Lercanidipine 20mg. I split the T3 into 2, 1st thing in the morning (6am) and last thing at night (10pm)

I am currently taking Levo & T3 at 6am

Ramipril & Lercanidipine 1.5 hours later 7.30am

2nd dose T3 at 10pm

I have breakfast at 8am and try not to eat after supper at around 5.30pm

I do feel a dip in the afternoon but dont want to split the 10pm T3 cause I have started to sleep better. Have I got the timings OK re the meds aand eating?

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It would be much better to leave at least two hours between your thyroid hormone and the Ramipril & Lercanidipine.

Has your blood pressure improved since you've been taking those two? If not, it could be that your high blood pressure is caused by your low T3, and will improve as T3 levels improve.

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I haven't had it checked but will do at 6 weeks, thank you


You're welcome. :)

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Never take anything with you thyroxine, ever.

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