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I've just learnt that I shall be summoned to appear before some sort of Committee in Scotland's Paliarment to deliver an opinion on diagnosis/treatment modalities in Scotland. I'm very excited in this, because it gives a forum outisde our little concerns to widen the debate about, at least in one country (Scotland, whae hae) optimum treatment and diagnosis.

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  • Diogenes,

    Excellent! The more scientists counter the BTA and BTF self satisfaction with thyroid testing and levels and their preference for Levothyroxine over alternative thyroid treatments the sooner thyroid diagnosis and treatment will improve.

  • Is this a follow up to the Public Petitions Committee PE1463 ?

    Consideration of a continued petition: The Committee will consider—

    PE1463 by Lorraine Cleaver on effective thyroid and adrenal testing, diagnosis and treatment

    and take evidence from—

    Maureen Watt, Minister for Public Health, Alpana Mair, Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, Elizabeth Porterfield, Head of Strategic Planning and Clinical Priorities and Colin Urquhart, Team Leader, Strategic Planning and Clinical Priorities, Scottish Government;

    Professor Graham Leese, Consultant and Honorary Professor in Diabetes and Endocrinology, NHS Tayside and CSO Speciality Adviser.

    Professor of Endocrinology Graham Leese [watch 42:35 and see how he struggles with his own brain fog! He never discloses in full the information for clinical trials that formed the basis of the BTA guidance - but does promise to submit it - keep watching]!

    The meeting ran out of time and concluded that further evidence by the Professor etc. needed to be submitted. I wonder whether it was actually done and that the other SMPs requests for more evidence were met.

    Good luck with this Diogenes - be good to find out if they honored the requests for further evidence!

    Scotland seem to be certainly to be more on the ball!

  • That is really good news, your work must be creeping into the right places. Let's hope they listen!!!!

  • Make sure you submit your expenses claim! You can bet your bottom dollar everyone else will be making sure they get theirs.

  • Good news Diogenes. Thank you for all your efforts 😊

  • There was some squirming going on and there should be! 4 years they've been investigating this and, as far as I know, the English government aren't even looking at trying to help us!

  • That is very good news. Thyroid patients need a wider forum to promote understanding that treatment and diagnosis should be optimum not merely adequate. We need your voice Diogenes! Thank you for speaking out.

  • Thank you Diogenes, you give us hope!

  • good luck diogenes & thank you for being our voice.

  • Good luck! I hope they listen to you and don't try any gaslighting.

  • I reckon that all readers of this post should be made aware that discussion of thyroid treatment has been discussed by the UK Parliament already. As far as I am aware this was as far as it got and has now been long forgotten about by those we voted for:

    Hansard, Volume 572, No 95, Tuesday 17 December 2013, starting at 169WH, 11am

  • Well, a lot has happened since 2013 believe it or not, in our understanding of thyroid diagnosis and treatment. The new work shows the futility of using TSH as a diagnostic for those on T4 or combined therapy, and shows exactly why TSH is of no use except to detect inital hypothyroidism and compliance in T4 treatment by the patient. At least the Europeans and Americans are beginning to understand that there are deficiencies and a need for a new approach. That the UK lags behind surprises me not at all.

  • I am trying my best to get my MP to take this matter further and hope to get him to do a follow-up discussion of this in the UK Parliament, perhaps at least a question to the PM in PMQ's. I wish him the best of luck despite the fact that I would never vote for him or his party.

    I encourage everybody else who has suffered at the hands of those who obey the idiotic recommendations from unelected charities to make serious efforts to get changes made to the ways we are treated.

    My best wishes to you for success.

  • So pleased for you diogenes (and all of us on the forum). Do hope they listen to your wisdom.

  • Diogenes

    Well done, thank you and Good Luck!

  • Good on yer Diogenes! Thank you for doing this.

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