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Free T4 not good

Hi guys

Just got back from Docs with my yearly thyroid test, and they did test my free T4 which was a surprise as the lab does not normally do it now.

Well i wasnt very bloody happy my Free t4 is 11 range is 7.80-21pmol/L

TSH is 1.8 range 0.35-4.7mu/L

I think my t4 is terrible my gp said it isnt i said it is and so it went on we all know the score, i have been putting weight back on too, i did slimming world last year and lost a lot of weight but my TSH then was below 1.

I cant find last years results so will have to ask for them again, could it be my T4 been so low that is causing weight gain, my guess is my T3 will be low as well.

Any advice would be great



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Dotti - I'd be wanting to see FT3 as well as FT4 results and see what my nutrient levels are like.

Did you get the Thyroid Plus Eleven test from Blue Horizon to test all thyroid tests and vitamins and minerals, as suggested in a recent thread of yours?


Pop your FT4 result in the first box - then the range into the second two. Then Press the Blue button at the bottom. You should then see a reading of the % in the range. Ideally should be around 75 % :-)

I make it 24.24% - oh dear. With such a low T4 - it follows that you will also have a very low FT3.


Am hoping when i can afford it to get the blue horizon test done like you said Marz i know i will have low t3 when i did get them to test it 2 years ago it was out of range then when they re did it it was just in range.

Thanks for your help everyone



What did you think of the link ?


Very good Marz thanks



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