Id like to increase meds

Hi I've been on 75 levo n 10mcg t3 since Nov been doing a lot better than I was but I'd like to increase a little either the Levo or t3 till I see my endo I have enough of both I'll be having a tft4 blood test just before I see him as it was really my t4 he wanted increased more it was from but added some t3 on last visit.. can anyone advise please... still got that fatigue feeling although I'm up now about now no naps during the day my b12 and vitamin are all pretty good now just started vit d

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  • momo1948 No-one can make any suggestions until they know your levels. You need a new thyroid test to include both FT4 and FT3 done at the same blood draw. That way it's possible to see what would need tweaking. Reference ranges are needed as well as the result.

    A private fingerprick test can be done at home if you can't get the full test through your GP. Blue Horizon do Thyroid Plus Three for £49 and it includes TSH FT4 and FT3 and it's back with 48 hours of posting the sample off

  • Thank You... I'll leave till I see him he is helpful but I'll have to get ft3 done as well he hasn't put that on the blood test form Thanks again!

  • I hope you can get FT3 done. Despite requests from GPs and endos, labs tend to make the decision whether they do it.

    I don't think I've ever read about a member here who has T3 on the NHS who has been prescribed more than 10mcg. That's probably why some of us self source and self treat.

  • Well if my t4 hasnt gone up in range from 14 something I suppose he will up the dosage again he wants it higher up in range I'm still learning!

  • I am prescribed 20mcg on the NHS and have had this for over a year. Sadly my endo is retiring in a few months

  • Is that alongside Levo or are you on T3 only? If you're on combo meds that's a real surprise!

  • Sorry Susie...trying to reply on phone and it plonked it in main thread...doh

  • No I'm on levo and t3

  • momo1948 My question was in reply to Jezebel69 (I replied in her message box).

    I'll have to remember to use everyone's name, I generally do when replying, just didn't that time.

  • Yes I'm on 100 mcg Levo with permission to vary that as and when I need to. Now you're surprised aren't you? Lol...and you'll understand why my endos retirement concerns me

  • Oh my!! What a gem you have and no wonder you are concerned about his retirement. Can he mark your records so that whoever takes over from him will allow his protocol to continue for you.

    I think he needs something to do in his retirement. He should take up lecturing, touring round the country (travel is good when retired :D ) and educating all endos in the UK, and when he's done that he can start on GPs :D

  • I will seriously suggest this to him. We are in serious need of people like this who understand the thyroid for a change.

  • Susie, I wouldn't wish that on anyone as a Retirement Plan!

  • :D I wouldn't want it for myself but it's a shame to waste such a nice endo. I can picture him, old school doctor, listens to his patients, respects them, kindly, pleasant, pats your hand, etc. A bit like Dr Peatfield he is in my head :)

    And think of all the lovely places around the UK he can visit, there's lots of places I haven't seen but would have liked to. jezebel69 could be his tour manager :D

  • Susie, you could be his agent!

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