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Newby needing some guidance & possible answers


Ok here we go....

currently at night for the last month or two my legs hurt on a night,restless ache & feel heavy & burn, I get lots of night cramps & then there all tight & ache during the day too.

I began to think it was because I'd flown a lot this year, but only 3.5hrs flights max, so I ruled that out, I have also noticed 2 prominent veins below my calfs so they could be the culprit not sure?

I've had sharp shooting pains throughout my body no specific area & no warning & then they go & I don't no when there coming again or where however they can vary on the time they last & severity of the pain.

Now I've been diagnosed with a kidney infection this is the fourth within 2yrs & boy they are painful & knock you ill.

I'm 48yrs old , Im peri menopausal for the last 7yrs so maybe this has a lot to do with all this as this usually gets the blame, however I'm curious if there is anyone with some guidance out there, every little help is appreciated.

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There are lots of things that might cause cramps, spasms, twitches and benign fasciculations. I don't know if you've heard of that last thing - look them up on Youtube.

I had all the things I've mentioned and I got rid of them about 98% of the time by fixing nutrient deficiencies. The things that helped me were :

1) Optimising iron and ferritin levels. Since iron is poisonous in overdose it is essential to get tested before supplementing. If your doctor won't oblige, ask for advice about private testing with finger-prick testing that doesn't involve doctors.

2) Taking magnesium supplements. Read the following links and decide which one appeals to you. You would need a maximum of about 300mg - 350mg of magnesium per day. Magnesium makes some people sleepy so take it in the evening. Note that you need reasonable kidney health to take magnesium supplements because the kidneys expel excess magnesium.

3) Potassium - not the most sensible thing in the world to supplement. It is better to increase the potassium intake of your diet rather than supplement. Too high a level can affect the heart. Having said that, I personally supplement a small amount - a maximum of 99mg x 4 per day, spread out throughout the day, because I'm too lazy to change my diet.

4) I believe that low calcium can cause cramps as well, but low calcium may be a serious issue that would need to be investigated by a doctor. Self-treatment would be a silly idea until you get approval from a doctor :

Low calcium may well be benign and may just need a change in diet, but it could also be something serious - so isn't worth taking the risk.

humanbean in reply to humanbean

I should also add :

Have you had your thyroid tested in recent months? Low thyroid causes pain anywhere and everywhere.

Your painful legs could be caused by low vitamin D as well. You should get that measured too.

And just to make it a clean sweep along with the iron & ferritin, ask your doctor for tests for vitamin B12 and folate too.

If he/she won't test, ask us for advice on private testing of these things too.

Def get vit b12 tested. Read up on vit b12 deficiency symptoms. My cramps n nerve pain improved after b12 supplementation. Also low calcium can cause cramps. I suggest you ask gp for blood tests for thyroid and vitamins etc as humanbean above has recommended.

I agree with the above esp b12. Also get yourself a jar of manuka honey 15+ I use steens. Brilliant stuff that will cure that kidney infection better than antibiotics. Hospitals are now using it to kill mrsa and strepp. 1 teaspoon morning and night xx

Have you had your thyroid checked? Any blood results?

I'd say check your Folate,ferrritin B12 and vitamin D for sure.

Magnesium can help.

You can boil a banana in water for a couple of mins then cool and drink the water. Helps with sleep and good source of potassium! Eat banana too 😀

Good link.

Hi there... I'm overcome that I have 5 replies all taking your time to give me some great advice, many many thanks for this, this is so appreciated..

1st.. I'm going to get the blood test done via the doctors. Hormones, thyroid, kidneys, b12,vitD.. etc etc

2nd.. buy some Manuka honey 15+

3rdly .. possibly buy some magnesium potassium tablets to see if they help my cramps ease.

4thly ... to read all the associated links you kindly pasted to links

5thly.. I will keep you all posted as to the progress, conclusions & results...

again many many thanks to you all for your time to give me some very useful advice.

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