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T3 Help!

T3 Help!

Is there anyone who can help me. I have had an under active thyroid for 10+ yrs and have never felt well. I have asked my doctor several times to try something else as Levothyroxine on its own does not work. T3 apparently no evidence to say it will do any better than what I currently take (probably just the cost). I said I thought about trying Armour and just got told please don't do that as you will put your health at risk. I feel like I am living in a bubble with no way out. Thank you in advance! SUE. X

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Minkymo Do you have any test results to share? Ideally TSH, FT4 and FT3, along with their reference ranges. That way we can see if you are optimally medicated, whether you are converting T4 to T3 well enough, and whether NDT or adding T3 is the way to go.

Have you had antibodies tested for autoimmune thyroid disease?

Do you have any vitamin and mineral test results? Optimal levels of nutrients are essential for us Hypos.

Vit D




TPO antibodies

TG antibodies

Are all needed to get a full picture.

If you've not had them done, and your GP won't do them (FT3 and TG antibodies won't get done anyway) then you can get a fingerprick test to do at home from Blue Horizon


I am seeing my doctor on Tuesday and have had a lot of blood tests done. I will ask her for a copy and share them with you. Thank you so much for replying so quickly it really is great to know we are not alone! X


OK Sue. Make sure you get the reference ranges as well, they're important as they differ from lab to lab.

Just in case your surgery is a bit difficult, it's your legal right to have your results under the Data Protection Act 1998 although they may make a small charge to cover the cost of paper and ink. If they want you to go back in a few days say you will just write them down, so take paper and pen with you.

Make a new post with your results and members will comment.


your GP is talking rubbish ...NDT has made many 1000s of hypothyroid patients lives whole again all my lot will attest to that

Without knowing all your results its hard for us to tell where the problem lies

it may be as simple as low ferritin or b12

go back to your gp and request


free t4

free t3




vit d3

tests and be sure the blood is drawn early morning , fasting and on no account take your levothyroxine in previous 24 hrs

then get a copy of the results and any previouds ones complete with ref ranges and come back and post them

your doctors cannot legally refuse you the results but may charge just the cost of printing


Is it a GP or an endo you're seeing. Where I am, the GPs are physically not allowed to prescribe T3 - only if under instruction of endo. The GPs are not allowed to request t3 blood test either


It's my GP she never actually said she could not prescribe T3 just that in her opinion it would be no better than the Levothyroxine I am currently on! X


I am always amazed by the 'it doesnt do anything but its dangerous' crowd.


Do exactly what Seaside Suzie said!!!

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