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Morning all, I hope you are all doing well?

I have been taking Nature Throid after some wonderful info from here (sourced from the US without prescription) for the last year and feel like I've got my life back! - I am currently taking 2 grain per day, but staring to feel I may need a small increase.

However, the cost of the product seems to have increased considerably and will now cost well over £100 for a 3 months supply ( i know that in reality this is a small price to pay for normality, but...)

So my questions are:

Where do you all source your Nature Throid from?

Is it cheaper than I have quoted (including shipping/taxes etc)?

Could I switch to Thyroid-S or Thyroid from Thailand?

Where would I source from Thailand?

Any advice welcome, please PM with your knowledge - THANK YOU!

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The £ has fallen around 20% against the $ and this is why the cost of NDT has risen sharply.

Thyroid-S and Thiroyd are less expensive than NatureThroid.

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